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  1. It happened a couple of times.The realization that everything that you live with now and what surrounds you will one day stop seeing,stop feeling,etc., I will not say that it was just animal fear,rather it was sadness.And with these thoughts, it also comes to mind that life is still fleeting and you need to try not to waste time..

  2. I'm going through this period again right now. The first time it happened was in 2016, from May to July. Then I endlessly suffered from the fact that life is fleeting, but I found my own meaning in life – to leave my name in history and leave behind the works of creativity.

    And now this fear has re-assaulted. Every night, when I am alone with my thoughts, I replay the vivid events of my life in my head. I feel insanely sorry and scared that I once (and it was impossible to foresee this) I will no longer be able to give myself to the event (in particular, I will not be able to hang out in a large crowd to my favorite music, to feel this atmosphere of community with strangers). The most terrible thing for me is that once I can't see something beautiful. For this reason, I am more afraid of losing my hearing or sight, because I will not be able to hear the music from which, I want to die in the crowd(in a good way, from overwhelming emotions) and see and draw the beauty of this world.

    Therefore, every day should not be wasted. Things are really going to come too fast.

  3. I used to have such fear when I thought that I and the whole world around me were empty and that in fact it would all fall apart at some point.�

    “In general opinion there is color, in opinion — sweet, in opinion — bitter, but in reality [there are only] atoms and emptiness” – Democritus (ancient Greek philosopher). In fact, we are with you and there is a void, because it is between the atoms of which we are composed. It's funny to realize that, isn't it?

    In general, I now understand that there is no point in being afraid of the “finiteness” of existence. Everything ends sometime. The world has existed without us for billions of years. Someone else will live and be fine.

    A very strange and mystical answer, not typical of me. I'm sure not everyone will support this, but I don't care.

  4. No, I didn't have that. I am not afraid of my own death, I take this issue calmly. No, I certainly will not expose my life to dubious risks, I have my head on my shoulders. I don't know if I'm crazy, but sometimes I can imagine my death, my funeral, and wonder who will come and who won't. Something like that. But I am very afraid of the death of my loved ones, especially my mother.

  5. Perhaps. Who knows what you describe, how you felt it.

    Such fear is the only worthy incentive in life to act correctly. Such a feeling, a significant event in a person's life, is a gift from life, a demonstration of giving a chance to a person. This is not a reason to drown in this feeling – it is a whip, a magic kick to action. Do the right thing, don't regret what you did now or later, even if someone doesn't like it.

  6. It was. And for a long time, I suffered from an anxiety disorder because of this. But then mindfulness meditation saved me. It taught me to be much less emotionally dependent on the thoughts that arise. Now they don't get stuck in my mind, but just fly by without leaving a trace, like a bird leaves no trace when crossing the blue sky.

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