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  1. Life has the main scientific meaning, which is embedded by Nature/The creator – man, as a part of Nature, solves many very important problems of Nature, civilization, and personal ones.

    A specific personal meaning of life – general comprehensive development – on this path, a person gets all the answers to all questions and solutions to all personal problems.

    Nature does not create meaningless useless creations.

  2. For the Universe or Nature, there is no Meaning or Purpose in your Life.

    The Person himself fills his Life with meaning. He either finds it for himself, or he doesn't. If he does, it's a meaning he's made up for himself. This Meaning must be based on another thing that is not essential for nature – a system of values. A person can also come up with a system of values himself.

  3. There was a case.

    Stuck to it and agonized over it.

    In my opinion, by default, most people rush from thinking that something makes sense to thinking that everything is meaningless. Sometimes it's about aspects of life, such as money, relationships, hobbies, work, and so on. And sometimes about life as such.

    When a person thinks that there is a meaning, he acts. When he thinks that there is no point, he is depressed and inactive.

    The solution to the problem is a leap in perception, as a result of which a person goes beyond the “meaning-lack of meaning” polarity.

    You no longer say that something has meaning or not-you see that both the presence of meaning and its absence is simply your conditioning. Reality lies beyond meaning and its absence.

    Simply put, you begin to perceive everything as it is, no matter how banal it may sound.

    By the way, as a bonus, as soon as you go beyond the meaning or meaninglessness, you will stop depressing and / or fooling yourself with all sorts of stuff. Life becomes much easier and more fun when you realize that meaning or lack of it is just a human invention.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  4. Still stuck to it. Just an hour ago. And then I got so hungry that I went out for tea and cookies.
    And so I felt good! And the Internet is close by, where you can get smarter. And the idea of losing the meaning of life has disappeared again.
    Here I am waiting for the extra time to appear again and again it will become sad and again I will think about the meaning and again I will not find it.
    This is how it , this meaning, is sometimes lost, sometimes found.
    And sometimes I feel so sorry for myself when the meaning is lost again! So sad, but even somehow pleasant from this, as if I listened to sad music. And I want to share this feeling of sadness with someone. Even online, even offline.
    So while I didn't drink tea, I really understand this problem!

  5. The answer to this question is different for all people.What was the meaning of life in dinosaurs, Neanderthals and other relics?They just lived their allotted time .Why a man rode a horse for many centuries, plowed, worked ,and then for several decades his meaning of life changed.They invented electricity, rockets, nuclear weapons, even bacteriological ones.Probably, as in the fairy tale, about the “Goldfish” someone will bring our meaning of life to a broken trough.

  6. If you have not found meaning in your life, it does not mean that there is no meaning in another life or life in general. If you don't have something, it doesn't mean that the other person doesn't have it or doesn't have it at all.

    If you have lost the meaning of life, then it may not have been there, but you took something else for the meaning (for example, goals).

    We tend to perceive the existence of something through the prism of evidence. The inferiority of this perception does not need to be proved. A lot of things in the world don't need proof.

    It is not the world that must prove to us, but we who must understand it. And the main thing is to understand yourself.

  7. Never. Your life has meaning when you have a future, a dream, a desire, a goal. You can always want to make life better, easier, freer, happier! If you don't have a future, then just standing still in the present is also an option. If you are completely satisfied with the current state of affairs, you are a happy person. But that doesn't mean you can't be happier! Everything is in your hands)

  8. Yes, I still live like this. It doesn't matter – you didn't appear of your own free will (it was the desire of your parents), and you don't even manage your life, because you are powerfully “anchored” by the instinct of self-preservation. So you are trapped in a rapidly aging, but reliably insured against attempts to voluntarily die shell in a world arranged wildly imperfect, at least just economically (the market is devoid of the concept of social justice, and attempts to build it over the market is not particularly impressive yet). Moreover, you are probably devoid of serious objective value and talent, like 99% of humanity, so your existence makes sense only within the framework of species diversity. And before the pile – they are also doomed to realize all this.

  9. No, but I get into this state sometimes. Suddenly the feeling that everything is meaningless, futile, useless and no one needs it! But, it is enough to see an elderly person who carefully counts a small thing on the palm of his hand – and it becomes so embarrassing-all the stupidity disappears.

  10. I never wanted to believe that life is meaningless, just that my whole soul resisted this idea. The meaning of life is not easy to see, it is much easier to come up with it, which is what most atheists do.

    At the stage of life when you do not see the meaning, faith in God can become a support, the consciousness that everything that happens is not just like that… But this is honestly very little consolation. You need to know God, and not just believe in Him, then the meaning of life suddenly appears, and not some mythical one, but the most real one – after physical death, to find eternal life together with the One who gave life, Who taught all these years of love and wisdom…

  11. There are many answers to this question. One of them: the meaning of life is to find the meaning of life. You can view life as an exciting adventure with an unknown ending.

  12. No. The meaning of any process is in its result. Every person's life has meaning, because in the course of life we influence this world, changing it. For better or worse, it's not for us to judge. Here everyone is free to interpret their existence to the best of their values. If the result does not meet expectations, it is stupid to run away from objective reality. It always makes sense. That's just how to treat it, everyone chooses for himself. However, do not be naive in the delusion that we are aware of all the consequences of our actions. There is always more meaning than we can imagine. Life is terribly interesting. Underline what you need.

  13. I have held this opinion since I was 12 years old. Rather, the meaning is terribly simple – to give offspring, another thing is whether you are satisfied with the meaning that is included in the instructions for life called instincts

  14. Definitely yes. When you lose your purpose in life, you lose your meaning. Although, sometimes, the causal relationship is not traced. But yes, the answer to your question is yes.

  15. The life of the body has no meaning – it is temporary. Everything temporary is meaningless. What is eternal is for everyone to find. And the question of meaning is the question of finding the eternal. Many people despair of finding it and therefore are content with little. If this is not enough , continue the search.

  16. The prevailing ideology of materialism contains many taboos, much more than any other religion. Almost all issues that are not related to providing immediate life are tabooed. Therefore, anyone who can raise their eyes above the level of the belly, begins to ask uncomfortable questions. Faith in the truth of such a primitive and limited teaching is based on the instillation of this faith in the school, the constant promotion and convenience of the belief that human weaknesses are not weaknesses, but the natural norm. Materialism (especially positivism) secures the interests of the bourgeois capitalist structure of society and will disappear with it.
    And, yes, everyone who studied in a Soviet school knew that you can't think about the meaning of life: otherwise you will go crazy. I used to believe that, too.

  17. It does not have it-this is a simple fact of the existence of any organism. Well, of course, any organism after its death will become food for other organisms-to one degree or another, but that's probably all.

  18. From the point of view of a person, a person's life makes sense. A person lives, reproduces, increases in number, gets pleasure. From the point of view of the living world, man is a parasite on earth, worse than the coronavirus. From the point of view of world space, the human brain solves some problems , because only 5-10% of the brain is used to control the body.

  19. The meaning of the human is the meaning that the person himself invented. And the meaning of human existence is sexual distribution, because the sexual apparatus (seed and egg) appeared before the human form, and our intelligent body is just a shell that provides this process.

    But the existence of the living-yes, it initially has no meaning, meaning is acquired in the process of activity.

  20. yes, it often happened in different periods…..but I will say one thing: life is about fighting and winning the battle for a happy life, about choosing the methods of fighting more precisely.

    it's either you or you.

    if you – you start to fool yourself with despondency and depress.

    if you are happy and do not notice the absurdity of this world as much as possible.

    that's something like this)

  21. If such a thought occurred to me, the counterattack of my brain was that it was just part of a cycle. Logically, it does not depend on us whether there is a meaning in life or not. A person decides for himself what to live for, respectively, he chooses the meaning for himself. Everyone has an instinctive meaning of life-to survive and continue the race, but if this is removed, then even when on the verge of death, a person realizes that ” No, I want to live.” At the very beginning, I said about the cycle for the reason that everyone has a meaning, just someone builds illusions that they have it, and someone says that they don't. Roughly speaking-the meaning of life=fate. Everyone has a purpose in the design of the eternal cycle for us, but no one will understand the true one.

  22. Whether a specific life of a particular person has a wash or not depends only on him. He can make his own life empty or full of meaning.

    Meaning and its search is a human thought process. Animals, just living organisms, live – and live, not preoccupied with thoughts.

    And on the scale of the universe, our life is invisible.

  23. neither my life nor your life itself has any meaning.

    Our life is just a dot in front of our eyes, and it will end.

    Everything you did, everything you loved, will end. Understand this. It will end because everything you focus on is an unreliable thing.

    The problem is HOW to solve this problem in practice-LONG EXPLANATION. Not in the long-term sense. A LONG TIME.

    And all of you are at a different distance from an explanation of this kind. Some will just need to EXPLAIN for a long time, others will need to EXPLAIN for a LONG time^2, and others will need to explain for a LONG time^3.

    In other words, what the author comprehended for 30 years, you can't explain in 5 minutes, in a year, or even in 30 years, don't even hope – those who are faster than me are no longer here, in the world of nonsense. And in the world of meaning, on the other side of☺. Why so? Don't take very long to explain:

    It turns out that the meaning of your life requires sacrifice, and to make it more clear – we are talking about your whole life.

    The meaning of life requires the whole life-an antioxymoron.

    Yes – to get even a piece of meaning, you need to give your whole life, devoting it to the search for meaning.

    At the same time, the guarantee is that some of you will get the cubic root of meaning, others will get the square root, and only some will get the meaning.

    And I'll tell you this – it's better to get a little sense than without it, but you don't think so, do you? You are not satisfied with such guarantees and prefer to live a life WITHOUT meaning, while you can hang out for free. But there are no freebies – 100 percent verified. But you will not need to communicate with a boring author and read his boring 1500 pages. Go celebrate further.

    Many of you will still have to live a meaningless life and die forever. So what? – You may ask – Why is it bad to live without meaning? Previously, people themselves knew the answer to this question, and now even this is a LONG time to EXPLAIN.

  24. Yes. Always. Technically, it is true that life itself (the process) does not make sense. It was formed as a result of random (chaotic) processes. And just is – just exists. I do not deny that as a result of this, certain patterns and internal scenarios have developed according to which it exists, and according to which internal objects (including gods and people) develop. But all these scenarios are secondary to the reasons of origin.

    Meanings in the global sense (I apologize for the tautology) are also secondary. And they are only important for internal objects. For a person, the meaning of his personal existence is important only for the incentive to this very life.

  25. But if a person has come to this choice, it means that they have good reasons for this and the maximum that can be done to help them is to become their support and support and encourage them to open up more in order to bring moral and spiritual peace

  26. meaning of life is a conventional concept-a conditional agreement and is governed by considerations of convenience and / or expediency. so, depending on the life period or context of the search for the meaning of life, I held opposite opinions

  27. No, I don't hold that opinion.A reasonable person is understandable to himself, the environment, his actions are driven by meaningfulness, responsibility.In this respect, a person is different from an animal.

  28. I always knew for sure that after planing the dervish, and fastening it with a pipe…get a good pistol shooting matches, incredibly addictive.And so on!

  29. I hold this opinion even now.

    Because life has no meaning, it needs to be invented.

    And until proven otherwise, I will continue to stick to it.

  30. No, of course, I try to stay away from nonsense, and I, as a philosopher, adhere to philosophyAbsolute Reality understands where all the meanings come from. If you are killed by a distorted Reality, then it is clear that the meanings of life will cease to be perceived, but they will not disappear from this.

  31. even the life of an earthworm has its own purpose and meaning, and even more so the life of such a complex creation as man. The trouble is that a person who has a potential incomparably greater than an earthworm in his way of life is even lower – because he sees chaos and nonsense in everything. Animals are still in many ways really more advanced in life than humans.And the reason for this is that they are closer to the Creator of life than a person who does not believe in Him. Naturally, disbelief in meaning follows from this.

  32. Meaning is the essence of a phenomenon in the broader context of reality.

    If you paraphrase it and insert it into the question, you get something like ” what is life in the background of the universe? what is its function?”. And then I can't say anything for sure, because words are PEOPLE's way of commenting on the world around them, and to give a correct assessment of life, you need to have the most complete information about everything that is “in the broader context” of the word “life”, not to mention a thorough knowledge of life itself. And here my world description is not enough. And I am wary of people who claim that they have the answer to this question, because in my understanding this is equivalent to saying “I have understood all the secrets of the universe”

  33. There are at least four ways to find out the meaning of something: 1) Read the instructions; 2) Ask the author; 3) Ask the user (but this is not accurate, since it can be used for other purposes); 4) Trace the history of occurrence.

    Since the author and instructions are muddy, I prefer the 4th method. And I come to the conclusion that a person is designed to adapt effectively to very harsh and very rapidly changing external conditions.

  34. Life is a way of existence of protein bodies. In another universe, there may not be protein ones, but some other ones. It doesn't matter what kind, but life is a way of being.

    The meaning of life is to reproduce your own kind. It makes everything alive. Plants inseminate the soil around them and die, fish spawn and die, animals, birds, fish, insects all do only one main thing of their entire life-they reproduce themselves. The man decided that his meaning of life is different. No! Its meaning is the same. As soon as life ceases to reproduce itself, it (life) will not exist.

    All these stories like “a person should live his life in such a way that it is not excruciatingly painful …” and other blah-blah about a high purpose, this is not the meaning of life, this is the quality of life. Who needs this high purpose if there is no one to appreciate it, because of the lack of life?

  35. And life itself has meaning and everything that happens in it also has its own meaning. There are no meaningless lives. The universe is not stupid enough to make mistakes, only a human being can make them.

  36. When you fully realize that there is no meaning to life in general for you personally.

    Life becomes unimaginably beautiful and indescribably valuable.

  37. Any life is an all-encompassing physical and chemical process that takes place under certain conditions.If there are no people, there will not even be such understandings.And who will invent them then?

  38. To do this, it is necessary to determine what is life and what is meaning.

    To determine what life is, you need to determine how life differs from non-life. It turns out that life is something that changes (moves) due to solar radiation. I.e. life and movement are inseparable.

    Meaning is the goal of changes (the same movements). That is, meaning can be called life. That is, the meaning of a certain solar radiation (a certain movement) is life. And if life and movement are inseparable, then it turns out that the meaning of life is in a new life, the meaning of movement in a new movement, the meaning of meaning in a new sense.

  39. For a person, life loses its meaning at the moment of his death, and in no other way. A person has the gift of adapting to different circumstances primarily because he finds meaning even in the most unthinkable situation. And it helps him survive. If a person claims in full health that life has no meaning , he is in depression, which can pass in a mild form and give in to a simple volitional effort, or in another degree of severity, which is already more serious. To search for the meaning of life is also the lot of philosophically minded people who have a developed sense of beauty and subtle intuition.

  40. Life loses its meaning only with the death of a person. When a person is lying near death, and life is slowly but surely sliding downhill, and the soul is desperately trying to hold on to the edges of the bed in intensive care – meaning is acquired instantly: to live, to live, to live… They pumped it out; I walked out the hospital door with my feet and thought to myself: here, live again – what's the point?

  41. So can think lazy or pissimist. It always makes sense. My mother asked me to go get some bread. I helped a friend figure out how to solve the problem. I saw a girl and fell in love. Everything you do makes sense. Every word, every thought, every action. It all makes sense. Perhaps you think that no, that this is not important. But what you think already makes sense. )))

  42. No, I didn't stick to it.Life has a huge meaning,and if someone thinks otherwise, it means not for everyone. I value my life very much and not only my own.Life is love.You need to be able to love everything around you, birds, grass, flowers, animals, that's the meaning of life, the day has come and rejoice at it, that it has come and you see everything that is happening in it,and who does not notice it, then where is it-ow!

  43. If you live without any purpose in life, then yes, what's the point?And if life is full of ideas, plans for the future, and children, grandchildren is not the meaning of our life.We have to create all the meaning ourselves,and if we are not interested in anything,we do not need anything,everything is not interesting,then of course, what is the point?

  44. Imho, I stuck to it, I stick to it and will stick to it until the end of my days( I hope it was pathetic XD)
    If we consider that our appearance is only an accident, and that our 60-70 years are absolutely nothing against the background of an infinite universe , then this conclusion suggests itself , we are meaningless as a species, because all we can do against the background of the planet is to consume. And to believe that our life is someone's secret idea, in my opinion, is only the easiest way to amuse your ego, we are too small, insignificant in this universe to claim any grain of meaning ,and to adhere to this opinion from my point of view is just calmly and with dignity to look fear in the eyes, why justify your meaningless existence with some gods, aliens,winds and seas? Why are people so afraid to admit that they are nothing on the scale of the universe ?..
    Why are people so afraid to admit that even if they leave something behind, the memory of them will last for a maximum of 100 years no more(there are exceptions, but we will not dispute that if it is profitable for people, they will forget their best representatives)
    In general, I repeat, this is just my opinion, do not aggressively prove to me that ” boh sees everything !”
    All for now:3

  45. naturally, the life of an animal, and a person is an animal that makes sense as a producer of low-quality manure compared to other representatives of the animal world, and the result of existence is the process of turning a manure producer again as a result of death into humus useful for worms and other living creatures)) that's the whole point))

  46. The whole point of life, which mortals do not have a priori, is to wait for the second coming of Jesus and receive-the infinity of the Eternal Ideal! This is Life! Karen!

  47. I speak for myself-I have always believed that life not only has meaning, but my particular life, with all its successes, failures, successes, failures, loves and dislikes, also has meaning and value.

  48. Everything makes sense, but you start thinking about it when you stumble on something in life and think – you need it and

    there is a philosophy-you compare yourself with others and in the first place

    queue with your parents, then your friends and the world around you.

    And you come to the conclusion that everyone is looking for it , but you don't need to do it –

    you were given life and you should be happy about it…

  49. Yes, I did. It was a difficult period in my life. Then I rethought many things and I am grateful for it.

    The meaning of life is what you live for. It is based on your beliefs, what you think is right. You can have a moral ideal, and this is what you can strive for. Personally, my moral ideal is a collective image of my father, mother, and people I liked and respected. I was interested in how they thought, why they did certain things. I decided that if I live , it will be good to be useful to this world, to do good things for people and for myself, to leave some good ideas behind. Life will end someday, what you will leave behind, how you will be remembered. I think these are important questions.

    In any case, it's up to you to decide what meaning to give your life.

  50. Does the life of microbes viewed under a microscope make sense?

    For a scientist who studies the laws of nature based on them, yes, it does.

    Even if we didn't find our own purpose…

    but it is possible that they are LOOKING at us ))

  51. Right now I am of this opinion. The meaning of life is only in life itself, as in a phenomenon. Since it is finite, its meaning for a single being ends as soon as it dies… You can also say that the meaning of life is to die one day and become part of something bigger, sacrificing your trace elements for the benefit of the rest of the world, but this is somehow quite sad.

  52. You learn about it (the meaning of life ) when life has passed, and it's gone.

    everyone is different…You just have to be happy that you were given this life, don't

    asking , and you go through these back streets of life and ask yourself, and what is the meaning and do not find the answer…Human life –

    this is a moment in the universe and there is no need to be clever.

  53. All my life I've been of this opinion. What are the general meanings of life other than religious ones? It's just one big game – everyone finds something to do and does it all their lives. Our needs, in fact, are extremely simple and primitive, and life is not as bad as it seems, unless, of course, we constantly torment ourselves with questions about the “meaning of life” that no one has ever seen)

  54. From a young age, I was looking for a formula for a normal life, not only for myself, but also for people around me. And there were no such thoughts-considerations as “life has no meaning”.

    If there were no meaning, then why-meaningless, in an atmosphere of meaninglessness, and therefore meaninglessness itself (in the diversity of the animal and other world) how was man formed as the most complex biological constructor?

    For what, such difficulties, for meaninglessness in itself, meaninglessness?


    Why, senselessly and daily, do you strain your brain, feed it and carry it (everywhere), that is, why does it carry itself in you?

    If you have a desire, pay attention to the book: “Under the caring hand of the Creator” (https://ridero.ru/books/pod_zabotlivoi_rukoi_tvorca/


  55. Once I thought about this question about the meaning of life. For some reason, in one second there was a feeling, an idea that we exist in a world that is broken, forgotten, abandoned. That is, there was a feeling that there was nothing around, thousands of light-years away, nothing. There are dead planets and emptiness. We may have accidentally stayed here. We may be the last. Perhaps it is useless to look for meaning in this, because everything around us ceased to exist once very, very long ago. Or it never existed at all.�

    This is just a momentary thought.

  56. I am of this opinion. If we are not talking about the world in general, but about the life of one particular person, then life is pure chaos, indifferent and meaningless. Tomorrow you may meet someone who will turn your life around. Tomorrow it may turn out that you are the heir to a fortune. Tomorrow you may find out that you are seriously ill. Tomorrow a brick may fall on your head. You can never know what's going to happen next, and the only thing that can make you more successful is being prepared for the unexpected twists and turns of life and the tricks of the great chaos. The ability to face unpleasant events courageously and not miss out on useful opportunities.

    And I like to look at the world that way! After all, this is the only way to not blame anyone for the existence of deadly diseases; for the fact that millions of children are starving and for all the other shit. A person consciously arranges chaos in accordance with his goals, this is his main ability in principle. And he's the only one. He is the only one who can create meanings, and there is no reason to consider these meanings “biased” and “weak”, others simply do not exist. When man invented the gods, he simply projected his meanings and values into eternity, being too unsure of himself. But in reality, the world and eternity don't care about your goals and values. No one will help you, but no one will interfere with you either (except for other creators of meaning, of course).

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