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  1. Hi, it's me. I really enjoy being alone. And I don't feel alone. I'm developing. I study physics and languages… I like to walk alone. Because I decide where to go and how fast. Because I can enjoy nature.

    But I'm not exactly an introvert, in the ordinary sense. Yes, I feed on energy alone. But sometimes I feel like giving it away. Share your joys and experiences with someone. And for such moments, I look for my people in spirit. With whom it is pleasant and cozy to be yourself.

    Can I go out in large groups? Depends on the definition of the word “big”. For me, a large company that I'm still comfortable with usually starts with 5 people and ends with 10 people. Then there are already huge companies where I look for my own subgroups. Difficult, I understand))
    At the same time, I feel comfortable in large(my own) companies. I can do all sorts of things. Which I don't trust everyone.. At the same time, each such meeting drains me and I need recharging in the form of loneliness, silence and self-knowledge. But! If I haven't talked to anyone for a long time, then loneliness starts to get to me, I start to miss my friends, my people very much, and I strive to meet them)

    Can an introvert communicate with people? I'll answer another popular question. Yes. It can. Only it needs time to recharge. And also. If the person is your own, then it takes less time to recharge =)

    I now use my” position ” (see profile) to communicate with many of my subscribers (there are already 300+of us in BTM). At the same time, I brought together my friends there, with whom I rarely communicate, but I don't want to lose touch, and people who are completely unfamiliar to me, who just stumbled upon the community.

    So people are different and for me this is the thrill of life)

  2. Yes. I've met people like that. Those who not only find it easier to live alone, but also don't need a large number of friends, much less acquaintances.

    These special people are themselves a source of fire, energy and inspiration.

    They are the ones who are drawn to them at work, in social networks, and at home. However, their answering smiles seem scattered. Like they don't need anyone.

    Their common features are: determination, accurate understanding of the purpose, strong character, independence, wisdom, the ability to do without help and without the participation of other people at all. At the same time, they are people of ideas, some of them are excellent managers, moreover, ideologists of companies or projects. Their demands on people are extremely high.

    They don't need many people. On the contrary, people are drawn to them, often ask for something from them, clearly show dependence on them and admire them. Many, on the contrary, grimly envy them.

    As you can see, these are not hermits. No. These are individuals who are so outstanding from the general gray list that it is not easy for them to find equally strong figures for friendship. When they find an equal, they are doubly happy.

    No wonderAristotle taught us to be friends with ourselves, to live in harmony with ourselves, and to make do with a minimum of friends. Moreover, this idea became part of his ethical teaching.

  3. There are, although not very often, people who are self-sufficient. They are happy and interesting with themselves. This, by the way, does not mean that they feel bad and bored with others – they have friends and families, but they also feel great when they are alone. I'm not sure what you can say about them: “it's easier for them to exist alone” (by the way, it's interesting that the question uses the word “exist” rather than”live”). They do well this way and that.

    And there are people who need others. They want to be listened to, supported, and recognized. But for one reason or another, they don't get what they want from their environment – sometimes the problem is with the person, sometimes with their environment, sometimes with both. And for a while, after being pushed around like this, these people build their lives in such a way that the circle of communication narrows sharply. They get used to it and even begin to find a lot of advantages in it (and there are certainly advantages). These people “find it easier to live alone.” I don't know if it is possible to say here that easier = better? Probably, in each case-in different ways.

  4. As a rule, these are people whose dominants (if we speak in terms of A. A. Ukhtomsky) are formed purely by the cerebral cortex, that is, their life priorities are mostly rational and even abstract…

    In short, duty, honor, conscience, God and all that…))

    People whose thinking and behavior are built primarily under the influence of subcortical structures, determined by emotions and instincts, are significantly dependent on society – this is our peculiarity as pack primates…)

  5. Of course I have. Moreover, I have worked with such people more than once in my practice. Each of them is interesting in its own way. However, all of them are uniquely united by their self-sufficiency.

    Loneliness is not a sentence or a punishment. In fact, a person may well exist without emotional attachment to other people. Yes, you can't do without communication – it's not even about social requirements, but about maintaining a normal, adequate state of consciousness. However, for singles, communication is just a necessary measure. They feel great on their own. There is a harmony in their soul that other people have been looking for for years and cannot find.

    Personally, I didn't get the impression that single people are out of this world, as many people think. They are quite meticulous, demanding of themselves, and generally satisfied with their lives. Singles are used to relying only on themselves – this is a very useful quality in life. They keep a tight rein on themselves and are able to find motivation even in seemingly hopeless situations.

    In no case am I campaigning to become a loner. It is important to understand that all people are different. There is no universal recipe for happiness. Some people need millions of dollars and all the material goods of the world to do this. For singles, however, it is enough to agree with themselves and set up a high fence, separating themselves from emotional connections with other people.

  6. People lead this way of life, not because they want to, but because they do not know how to do it any other way. And very often it was that not knowing how to interact, mistakes were made and disappointment came. These people do not agree with any rules in society and are not ready to comply with them. And they can be outstanding personalities. They have two reasons. Or they themselves may suffer from public opinion. Or they can harm society themselves. The best way out is of course loneliness.

  7. First, let's get this straight: solitude is not equal to solitude. A person is lonely when he has no acquaintances, friends, comrades, no one to call, write to, with all his desire, and solitude is a conscious action that brings a person not pain and despair, but peace and comfort. People who love solitude are ordinary people and their description is no different from that of other individuals.

  8. These are people with a sound vector. The sound vector is dominant, its desires are immaterial, they set the direction of all human mental activity. When a person's desires are not met, there is a sense of meaninglessness of life, apathy, depression, suicidal thoughts. People with sound are introverts, their desires lie outside the material world. They do not seek social and property superiority, but they want to understand the meaning of life and find answers to questions.: Who am I? Where did you come from? Where am I going? What is the meaning of my life? When a person does not know the answers to these questions, he feels lonely and unhappy, feels the meaninglessness of life. In the process of evolution from animal to human, 8 mutations occurred – 8 vectors emerged that together make up the psyche of the human species, our collective unconscious. A vector is a set of properties and desires that drive a person, determine their sexuality, talents, and benefits for the entire species. Unlike animals, the human species has disintegrated, meaning that different people are carriers of different vectors, on average from 3 to 5. The human species is complete only collectively, in cooperation with each other. Understanding yourself and other people is the key to happy fulfillment and joyful interaction with others. This is a new round of human evolution-a mathematically accurate and observable disclosure of the structure of the human psyche. This natural desire for self-knowledge is carried by the owners of the sound vector, and in our generation they have all the opportunities to realize it.

  9. I'm that kind of person. Why? I am interested in questions that few people are interested in. And I'm not interested in things that almost everyone is talking about, I consider them a waste of time. This way I can think about whether a pencil exists for several hours at a time. But I don't really care who bought the curtains, who went to the clubs, or how many interesting things they saw in Egypt. In general, I hate to discuss everyday life and routine, this topic is always the same and always ends in the same way, for what to spend time on it I do not understand.

    What do people do together? I mean, their conversations. in 90% of cases, they will talk about work and everyday life, who slept with whom, who and what they ate, and so on and so forth. Why should I waste time on them if I'm not interested? If I can spend some interesting time for myself?

    Point two. Living together. It just so happens that I can't like one woman in bed all the time….To be honest, I think that in the end, almost all men think so. In my case, after half a year, I'm already going to have sex, as a routine, like nuuuu here again you need to poke. During the same half-year, I already see the shortcomings of a person, while their advantages begin to overlap. At some point, the shortcomings become too weighty and I throw this person in the back drawer.

    C simulates the situation. You live with a person who used to seem amazing, smart, kind, fair, beautiful, witty. After some time, you began to notice that this person, for example, shits past the toilet and does not always clean it up, that he is not witty, but just read books and repeats the same words from time to time. That he was beautiful when he wanted you to like him, but in fact it is not always possible for him to wash once a month. That this person is already kind to others, constantly presses you, argues and swears that you do not want to communicate with him. At the same time, you have nowhere to go, he is at home, and people at work will tell you for the hundredth time that Varya does not know how to cook borscht, and Fedya dresses like a gopnik, and Luda has a new boyfriend again… And you're sick of it, nothing new…

    This situation looks like HELL to me. So I'd rather be alone, enjoying life, wondering if this fucking pencil exists or if the collective work of people is a collective mind, than listen to other people's problems in constant stress.

    I'll explain it to you in a simple way. Imagine that you were given 100 movies to watch. And after that, all the surrounding people will retell some of these films by talking about themselves(Always). At some point, you will already know exactly what this person is going to say and where it leads. Because of this, you will no longer be interested in communicating with these people, but instead you will want to learn something new. And those people who talked to you with quotes from the movie will think you are lonely, although in fact you are more free than others. And naturally, you will communicate with people, less often and only with interesting ones.

  10. Not only have I met them, I'm one of them myself. Although in general it is far from a fool, almost always the soul of the company, they speak with sufficient chrism BUT… I don't have any friends, so I prefer solitude. I see flaws in people and if they don't suit me, I stop communicating. It is useless to re-educate already adult people, and it is not necessary, because he is too demanding of candidates for friends, so they are not from the word at all. Of course, it is not without its drawbacks, but it is much easier and more convenient for one person.

  11. I have not met, but I can say about myself that I am exactly the one who exists alone after the fact of my birth and not because it is easier and I consider it quite natural, but also a forced measure, partly, and not some kind of high, as some people call it, three days spent without anyone, I will clarify, loneliness is if you are absolutely alone, and for quite a long time, and I would like to change this way of life, only I have already come to terms with it, probably this is still mine, but I will not wish anyone such good.)

  12. These are the enlightened ones… conscious and very wise people. There are of course those who mow under them, but you can see them immediately. In short, a ram will not explain to another ram that it is a ram because it does not know it itself. And the enlightened one will not explain, because he knows that just trying to explain to a ram that he is a ram makes the person who tries to do it a banana.

  13. There is such a “bearded joke”:

    “I was invited to a party yesterday. I listened to cool music, ate various delicious dishes, and had a good time. It's because I didn't go.”

    It seems to me very accurately conveys the image of a person happy alone.

  14. There are many diagnoses and psychological features that lead to distancing from harmless to serious pathologies. There are also non-energetic personality types, they would be happy to communicate, but they spend energy very quickly, especially if they communicate with vampires, and then recover for a long time, for them loneliness is a forced measure of protection, rest, and self-preservation. Such people usually suffer in their youth, comparing themselves with energetic extroverts, they feel, as they say, superfluous at this celebration of life. Even with their external attractiveness, they are not popular with girls, usually they are selected by women with strong male energies with a benefactress complex. Such people essentially learn to live most of their time alone, and not initially fanatical about it, it is very important for them to learn to love themselves, not to get discouraged, to understand people in order to have their own tiny social circle that will respect their weaknesses, to learn how to easily get away from toxic people, create their own world, but not go completely into themselves. As a rule, they are fond of psychology, isotericism, philosophy, simply because they need to form a very specific lifestyle, they really appreciate comfort, coziness, a few relatives, everything that makes them feel needed, but does not exhaust them.

  15. This is my example…Why am I no longer interested in communicating with people? I will try to answer very accurately….Rudeness, the ability to throw your negativity at others, redneckness, everyone is to blame, and you are the very thing, disrespect for everything and everyone, mate, rewind, inability to answer for your words, lack of understanding of life,inability to talk, inability to build sentences, anger, hatred, stupidity, lack of understanding of the basics of even the most elementary positions, lack of elementary concepts about everything, bad manners in the simplest things, inability to listen, impudence…. And, so you can endlessly….

  16. Most likely, these people are sociophobes. To some extent, we all relate to them, because each of us at least once, but felt the desire to be alone. In addition, some people categorically do not know how to explain anything. it's easier for them to do something themselves than to ask for help. By the way, such people often invent something that helps one person do what several people should do. And I have met such people in my life and more than once. I'm partly like that myself.

  17. The question is not correct you have a nice person, it is impossible to be happy alone…. Loneliness is already a problem…. This is a negative emotion… People who are alone and happy call it freedom…. There are such people and there are many of them, just if you are alone you are either sad or happy…

  18. I haven't seen any that EXIST. And I know those who live and enjoy life. In my circle, there are self-sufficient people with a broad outlook, talent and hobbies who are comfortable being alone. By the way, I live alone and enjoy it: more time for career and personal growth, for museums and theaters, books and music.

  19. It's elementary… If you practice conscious thinking and introspection , you will know yourself … And therefore all of humanity… And you will get LONELY!!! Because you will learn that almost all people are the same and live according to the same scenario !!!

  20. I'm very interested in myself. It's never boring, because I have a lot of hobbies. Plus, when you're alone, it's easier to listen to yourself, to feel what you want to do and what you don't want to do. You are not drowned out by the constant background “noise” of other people. And you become more aware, or something.

    There are even such practices as becoming a hermit for a while, going somewhere far away from people in order to find the real you.

  21. A person is born and dies alone. The higher the level of consciousness of an individual, the less he needs approval, comfort and advertising. Describing a person who “finds it easier to exist alone” is just as difficult as describing anything at all, especially a person, even a primitive one. It would be easier for me to answer the questions if I knew that you really need it, and which images you perceive more easily.

  22. Yes, that person is me. Well, it's not for me to judge myself, so I'll give you some general characteristics.
    Basically, this is a cold-blooded and reasonable person. It doesn't go into conflict, but it doesn't avoid problems either. Most often, a downed mode and a love of coffee/other energy-boosting drinks.

  23. I think that people who can fully communicate with themselves are the happiest people. After all, only you know yourself best. All its shortcomings and advantages. The main thing is not to lie to yourself, it's generally stupid! And those who are able to communicate directly with their subconscious mind, the more no one is needed -there is space!

  24. If we talk about loneliness as the absence of a romantic sexual or some other partner, then I just recently went through the whole high of loneliness. For 6 years, there has never been a break of more than a month without me having a boyfriend. There were only a few of them, that is, the relationship was quite long.

    And it was only when I was alone that I felt really confident in myself, because in a relationship I constantly began to “live the life” of a partner. And now I only do what I really like) so single people are probably the happiest.

  25. I am that person. Either the companies come across unsuitable, or I myself am such a person. But I will note that even though I love being alone, I don't mind going out with my friends. It all depends on your mood.

  26. I imagined myself in proud solitude, but the comments of young people say the opposite, but like all of them, I can say: no, I have not met, but I am a bright representative. In my youth, it was very difficult to communicate, the right words seemed too high-flown, not suitable for communicating with peers. She wrote excellent essays, expositions, essays, etc. She composed poems and songs. I read and thought a lot. But the oral speech was rather tongue-tied, and besides-kartava. When I got married and began to live independently, I had to defend my place in the sun without the help of my parents-that's when all the eloquence came from! That's where my intellectual baggage came in handy! By the time I'm 66, I'm free to not only keep up the conversation, but also direct it in the right direction, even burr is almost invisible.

  27. I consider myself one of those people. People are needed in life, but only in order to get more information about work, creativity, etc. But when I'm alone, it's so much easier and easier. The head works much more efficiently, many ideas and thoughts are immediately born. And just being with yourself is nice.

    I consider myself the best conversationalist for me. No one understands me better than I do. Of course, these conversations are not held aloud, so as not to frighten others.

  28. Yes, I met such people, even in my youth-there was a hunter and tradesman Mishka Poletaev in our village. I rarely saw him at home – he mostly went into the taiga 200-300 km away from his home and lived there and hunted fur-bearing animals. What struck me was the abundance of weapons, up to 6 rifles and carbines, various equipment – wide skis lined with fur, sledges, a lot of dogs. I was struck by his mastery, it seemed to me that he could do everything. Quite a sociable person, not biryuk. Just in love with nature. I asked him why he was moving so far away from his home. He told me that in the taiga the horns of steamboats and steam locomotives can be heard up to 70 km-this is for us-people and animals can hear further than this. But he constantly went out to the taiga villages in the winter-handed over furs, bought goods, food…

  29. In my environment, 2 singles, this is me and my husband; -) I feel comfortable with myself, in order to be alone, I will calmly skip corporate events or friendly gatherings, in my childhood, for example, friends could not get me out on the street, because I read books and for me there was only the world of my imagination. The husband also likes to spend more time alone with himself, and not sprayed on friends, “fishing”, etc.

  30. From a psychological point of view, I will say that a person's personality is social in itself, its development is not possible without society, I would call loneliness social distancing, it is useful for a certain time, for reflection, solitude, but not on a permanent basis!

  31. From a psychological point of view, I will say that a person's personality is social in itself, its development is not possible without society, I would call loneliness social distancing, it is useful for a certain time, for reflection, solitude, but not on a permanent basis!

  32. This is me well, My mom and dad well, they are not bad in themselves, but they have new families, all my 17 years I lived with my younger sister and grandmother and I just feel uncomfortable with them + I'm a little offended I don't want to accept help from them and depend on them somehow so I'll wait for 18 years and get out as soon as

  33. People with unique thinking, on average with more IQ than ordinary people, or are they stupid people who are all in complexes and also with their own thinking that has only degraded over time into loneliness and such people are very strange, because their way of thinking is not suitable for communicating with ordinary people )

  34. It is not immediately possible to distinguish such a person from other people. Especially if he looks all right. Or almost everything. Here , for example-there is a job, there is a family, there are few friends. Not always such a person avoids companies where people are having fun. He likes it too. But such a person can spend not one, but many evenings alone for their favorite pastime-reading, watching movies, cross-stitch, etc.Often such people get themselves pets that become their silent companions. You can often see them on a walk-with a dwarf pinscher ( by the way, a very funny dog – https://ogorodniki.com/catalog/karlikovyi-pincher ) or a French bulldog. In order to understand that a person is not burdened by loneliness-you need to study and understand it well. These are not always unhappy people. They have a good heart. They just communicate differently than fans of regular companies.

  35. there are such people, of course. but only here it is impossible to completely protect yourself from society, even such people who prefer solitude-they, like everyone else, have a need for communication, just to a lesser extent. and now in the digital age you can communicate just online

  36. I will say that I know, there is a system of classification of people in psychology called DISC (each letter describes its own class of people:

    D-dominant, people who need everything clearly and to the point they always like to manage, and will not obey�

    I-influencers, people who can not live without communication and in solitude they do not live

    S-stable, diverse “I” only these people, good listeners, are people in which you can cry and they will understand you�

    S-relevant, people who are best able to reflect, these people are systematizing, they are always on the sidelines, such people can easily endure loneliness, in thought. Actually I myself am one of them

  37. This is exactly what a person who has been through many different life situations wants, and who has a very good memory and who always analyzes everything, who has a huge creative potential, who has come to know himself.�

  38. Being single … it is not a matter of the conscious mind.. a mind that is in ignorance .. which often manifests itself in life … self-awareness is self-knowledge… a person who gains self-knowledge is not alone when he is alone.. it is not self-knowledge that sees him alone .. the destiny of solitude… I don't realize it.. not self-knowledge ..

  39. Ordinary people. Just like everyone else, but leading a different lifestyle.

    In the process of dialogue with these people, it may turn out that this person is an insanely interesting and deep personality, with his own world.

  40. Loneliness is an interesting thing. The choice of two things – to die of melancholy or to conclude that if your society is not needed, then why the devil should you need something yourself? Either-or. Like in a war: it's either you or you.

  41. I've met him before.I divided them into two groups,without asking their permission,so for the first time I share my observations, otherwise you can get into the “group” – gossip.The first ones, “alone on an ice floe” -these are real singles, having housing, relatives, acquaintances until the very end,they didn't get along with anyone,they died alone, I don't know what it was like for them.Acquaintances…, for example, if they call an electrician, this electrician will do everything clearly, because he is interested in being acquainted with this loner, will come in handy,does not refuse to help the right people, usually finds what you need, he is also usually a general specialist.Apartment, if 2-room, then the 2nd room turns into a storage room, usually in the declining years.At first glance, junk,but no, the right people,from time to time,presents something scarce.In short, relationships with friends are businesslike and mutually beneficial,in many ways better than friendship in their opinion, I share this opinion to some extent.To communicate well,erudite(experience),at first glance it is closed,there is a mask they just do not load the interesting conversations,so as to kill time,he had them to spare,if they have, there will be empty drive,and then when waiting for someone,when the wait immediately terminate the conversation,sometimes tactless,if the person is useless.Psychologists to some extent.They often eat alone, and their own.In short, they live according to their own program,the essence of which is not praised,who praises that I think is tired of such a life.The second-walk as long as health and age allow, one to live easily, and the first and second self-sufficient people.

  42. The desire for privacy can have any background. From misogyny to isolation in oneself and on oneself. All anchorites do not share common features. Hermits are different.

  43. I myself relate to such people) at work, in the family, with friends I am one person, and with myself, one-a completely different person. You can calmly think, get creative, and do your favorite things… You can't do all that with people. Loneliness is more like a vacation from people.

  44. People are different. There are men and there are women. Don't generalize. Namely, only a woman can be single. A man is always free in such cases. This is a woman without a man zero, and together with a man they are a ten, provided that the husband is one)) unless, of course, she's a nun. It's not like that for a man. He can't be alone. And if he is also subject to this womanly “disease”, this only means that we see the product of his mother's, that is, female “upbringing”. After all, it's no secret that depression is a woman's thing. By the way, it comes from fucking self-love. And not only depression from the same. So are many other harmful addictions that prevent a person from living a normal life without feeling like a slave to bad inclinations. “Everything is allowed to us, but nothing should possess us.” It's not appropriate for a man to love himself to the point of pain. He just has to find a way out.

  45. This is me. I don't need people to be happy. I'm always afraid of offending someone, putting them in an awkward position, or accidentally insulting them. It's easier to live without people. I don't need anyone

  46. I became such a person myself, unexpectedly for myself, because in my youth I had a lot of friends and communication.
    Once I realized, or rather found out the truth about my friends, friends, relatives and generally close people, that for 20 years these people, considering me stupid and naive, did meanness and nastiness behind my back, and cheerfully sharing comments among themselves, it seemed funny to them!!!
    And I was really very trusting and aware, this is the result of a very difficult childhood, in which there were bullying, rape and torture.
    In a word, childhood is the bitterness and pain of despair!
    That's why in my adult life I was so naive, I wanted to believe and trust, just to be protected from pain.
    So all this “BROTHERHOOD” of friends and girlfriends,so cut me in the throat with a knife, their meanness, backstage betrayal, and rotten game, just for fun, that I wanted to leave this relationship forever.
    When I found out the truth about them, and even watched a video recording of how cute they throw mud at me, I didn't want to live at first!
    And then I heard the wise phrase, if you were really hurt, you need to LEAVE!!! Only not from life, but from THOSE who made you unbearably hurt!!!
    And at first I got used to loneliness hard, from unaccustomed, even tried to keep humiliating relationships, just not to be left alone!
    But now the crisis has passed, time has passed, no one has pulled me out of this state, only I myself-ALONE!!!
    And now I look at all this and think, ” My God, it's good that I'm alone!”
    Well, there is no more pain, despair, fear, misunderstanding of what is happening and who is to blame.
    Well, why bother what to do, if next to you just SCUM and they just have fun, they have fun!
    These are low people, and it is impossible to explain anything to them, they have their own bestial bastard world, in which they are wonderful and fun.
    There are an incredible number of advantages to being ALONE!!!!
    If you think about it, this is the way of life of a self-sufficient, independent and free person!!!
    I am not a hermit, when I go out on the street, I also laugh, joke, smile, am polite and friendly, but to strangers!
    And when I see those who scoffed, I want to quickly pass by, because I disdain even breathing with them next to me!!!
    I will continue to live, finally devote more time to my beloved, my interests, hobbies, hobbies, etc., But I will never let anyone get close to me, I am too disappointed in people!
    I take it philosophically, like we are all sinners and so on….
    Nevertheless, I feel very good, calm, comfortable and most importantly alone right now.

  47. Of course, I have. At one time I had such a friend. Basically, the most ordinary person. The only thing I can say about something like this is that he likes to think. It doesn't matter if something makes sense, he will still try to find it. He was attracted to the very process of thinking about something. Accordingly, he was very fond of reading. But I don't think it's anything special.
    The most interesting part of it was communicating with people. He had friends, of course, even if only a few. He treated them well, they sometimes spent time together, and they had a great time together. But he was getting tired. This is the most interesting part. He was almost physically exhausted from dealing with anyone. Seriously, a couple of hours in the company of people, and he looked like he'd run a marathon.
    Over time, of course, this was corrected. He still likes being alone, but now he can constantly communicate with different people every day for a whole week. Provided they leave him alone for the weekend and let him rest, but still.

  48. This is me.

    I have a dozen friends. I talk to them once a quarter

    Abandoned his family

    I gave up my hobbies, my love, and my adventures

    There is something more interesting in life

    This is money and business

  49. The question is ” Have you ever met people in your life who find it easier to live alone?”. Well, I haven't.To meet such people, I need to leave the room and get to know the person better. Both points are not about me, because I am that person. Fortunately, there is an Internet and cinema.�
    What are they like ? Quite normal, but from the features I would note a poorly developed speech apparatus (there is enough knowledge in my head, okay burr, but the inability to build a sentence and interest someone is immediately noticeable) As you have already noticed, they are on a different wave from everyone else, but often they are not to blame for this

  50. I'll also check in.

    I try to communicate with people, but not about what. I can't make jokes every minute, and I can't tell you anything clever about everything I see along the way. If the other person tells me something, I can't keep up the conversation. I understand his point of view, and I say, ” I see.” Then there's silence, they get bored with me, and they leave.

    What can we say about communication in a team? If I have an idea, then by the time I figure out how to respond beautifully, the topic will have already changed. As a result, absolutely in any team I am the most silent.

    Working in a team is similar: I think for a very long time, I can't get into a rhythm and just find myself on a different wave from everyone else.

  51. Met, holistic, self-sufficient, passionate. Active users.

    It is important to distinguish such people from those who defiantly show their “consciously chosen loneliness” as a defensive reaction.

    ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢  ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢

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