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  1. I met a person of the opposite sex, we are of the same sign. We are very similar in character, values, worldview, perception of the world, and interests, but not 100% the same. Mutual sympathy is difficult not to arise in this situation))

  2. I met 2 people, not my sign, who were very similar to each other. Both externally and habits, and the number of births coincided. Only the age was different (the difference is more than 10 years and the place of residence: Russia and America).

  3. I'm a Sagittarius and for some reason I only get along with Sagittarius. It's very nice when communication starts, and only at the end I find out that the person was born somewhere near my date. This is always a nice bonus.

  4. A good friend of my zodiac sign. The character traits are insanely similar. I know that he will understand and accept absolutely everything I say, which is why our communication does not meet any obstacles. Except for the moments when we both don't want to give in to each other in something (a crappy character trait for both of us), but otherwise-full understanding, harmony and idyll: D

  5. I studied at the institute with such a person. As it turned out later, we were born on the same day, in the same city, and our mothers were in the same ward. We're best friends now. We are jokingly called twins. They are similar in almost everything.

  6. a former colleague-a current friend-is celebrating her D. R. two days after mine, and I can't say for sure about the similarities, but I'm right at ease with her literally from the first minutes of meeting her. it's a strange feeling for me)

    well, my husband regularly mentions how I remind him of my father – also my “sign” person

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