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  1. Right now I suffer from just one look at the photo in the title! Both funny and bad. But already inside everything is driving

    Oh, these 140 characters already. please get it )

  2. When you try to walk a long walk with a person who is always changing the pace, when someone is buttering bread, holding a knife upside down, when you touch something with your hand in an unusual way and try to repeat the same thing with the other hand, but it doesn't work. The first thing that came to mind

  3. Yes, I suffered from perfectionism in the army, when the foreman forced us to level the beds and nightstands by thread. Cantics on snowdrifts… Well, you understand.

  4. Perfectionism in my work is a sharp scalpel that hurts the surgeon. On the one hand, I like to do everything carefully, working through the details, and on the other hand, it just anchors projects when you need to do it quickly and well.

    Tracked down ok where exactly is my perfectionism taken:

    1) Fear of error. Thank you, school education, scolding for mistakes.

    2) Inadequately high demands on yourself “I'm a pro and always have to give out the maximum result!”

    3) Fear of shame that someone will see “shoals”. Although after looking at other people's work, you find there are 20 times more of these same shoals.

    The solution is this: respect your own work, move away from the “either ideal or slag” assessment, and understand when the ideal option is required, and in which cases it is a stupid waste of time and effort.

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