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  1. Don Quixote by Cervantes;

    Danilevsky's “House of Leaves” (but this is a small spoiler);

    “If one winter night a traveler…” by Calvino (not exactly what is stated, but close);

    Auster's New York Trilogy (three stories with different variations of non-discrimination of reality);

    Philip K. Dick's ” Opacity “(a cop, aka a drug addict, is forced to watch himself and play either a cop or a drug addict, which he also watches);

    For a much longer list, please follow the link.

  2. Here is an excerpt from Somerset Maugham's novel “Theater”, describing the main character: “… for you there is no difference between truth and fiction. You're always playing. This habit is second nature to you. You play when you receive guests. You play in front of the servants, in front of your father, in front of me. You don't exist. You are just the countless roles you have played. I often wonder if you were ever yourself, or if you were just a vehicle for bringing all the characters you portrayed to life from the very beginning. When you walk into an empty room, I sometimes want to suddenly open the door to it, but I never decided to do it – I'm afraid that I won't find anyone there. ” I think this is what you need))

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