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    1. Merged chip from ranobe Age of Adepts, Warlock in the World of Magicians and the Secret of the wizard merged with the soul by the core itself 2. Spirit-bio-nanobots connected to the chip and capable of improvements and evolution also merged with the soul 3. Reincarnation interface with space inside
  1. One desire is enough: to acquire the abilities of Dr. Manhattan, i.e. UNLIMITED. At the same time, I would like to keep the appearance the same, I'm already used to it. I think it will be great.

  2. 1mne b the best most powerful computer with the game gta 5 and minecraft with a new version
    2 three storey house with many rooms and food
    3 I have a lot of fun and health and happiness

  3. I would do one thing . I put it back in the jug. Since Jin is not the best example for making wishes. And if you want to be successful, you need to think about it yourself and do it .But this is not a wish.So your Gin gets in my way and goes to the jug…

  4. Wish-1: make one hundred instead of the remaining two wishes.

    Desire 2: End the war in Syria.

    Desire 3: Find a cure for AIDS.

    Well, the other 98 for small things, such as money and all that 🙂

  5. I was already prepared for this question for a long time. I always thought why didn't Aladdin make the first wish for example 1000 more wishes for example. I would do just that. And then anything could be done.

  6. I think you need to ask the genie for something that is unlikely to be so easy to present life, then:

    1) so that your vision improves and does not deteriorate until the end of your life (now -7)

    2) to always have the opportunity to sincerely, unhindered and timely say goodbye to all the dear people who somehow leave my life (I don't just mean death)

    3) the opportunity to travel around the world for 4 years with the new knowledge of all major languages of the world, so that you can express yourself everywhere.

    The choice may be better, but for now.

  7. 1) To be loved by a billionaire with a good character, handsome, self-made, young, generous and with the same interests as me.�

    2) Be able to put your life on pause.�

    3) MORE GENIES!!!! (to make more wishes for everyone)

  8. Well, since this is my fairy tale, then�

    1) That all people become as close to my moral compass in their views as possible.

    2) Always distinguish between truth and untruth. Not only is it an extremely useful skill, but it will also allow you to greatly advance scientific research.

    3) That in every locality of the planet an instant free safe teleport is installed.

    1. A magic wand that will work forever.
    2. I want this magic wand to do everything I want it to do. And the most important thing is that it would work exactly as I wanted.
    3. Tell Jin to climb back into the lamp before my next three wishes.🧜🏽‍♀️🦄💝❤️❄️
  9. To be forever young and immortal.
    So that the Sun never goes out, let it always shine as it is now (even if the law of conservation of matter is violated).
    So that all my wishes are fulfilled (after all, it was not said that it is impossible to make a wish).
    Yes, because gladiolus. It's just very important for me, and for the whole world, too.

  10. Genies only in children's cartoons fulfilled their wishes in the way that a person who makes a wish wants. So it's just dangerous to think of something voluminous and not standard. I would order myself a nice big mocha right here and now, according to a recipe from a great French restaurant, and then I would let it go to hell

  11. In the fairy tale about Aladdin, everything is very subtly noticed, but allegorically. Jafar, wishing to become an all-powerful genie, chained himself to matter for centuries. Magic carpet, Wonder Cave S

  12. 1 and the only thing is that all my wishes are fulfilled.
    If it turns out that such a wish cannot be made, then: what I need to do so that all my wishes are fulfilled and at the same time not strain myself.

  13. 1). Omnipotence.

    Now, in principle, I myself will be able to fulfill any of my wishes. Plus, it's hard to interpret it to my detriment. � �

    2). Omniscience.�

    Now I am omnipotent and the meaning of the third wish disappears

    3). No longer needed.

  14. 1 Wish :Anything I ever wanted to know, I would know.(For example, I wanted to know how to achieve immortality and you found out well, etc.)

    2 Desire : that my thoughts were material ( I wanted someone to be resurrected and oops, he was resurrected )

    Well, then the third wish is useless…You are already basically a kind of god…

  15. I am not only for myself, but also for the world, and I will make a wish:

    1) A time machine to save Alexander the Great, shoot down Hitler ( he doesn't have any children anyway, so you can kill him if you save 50 million people, and kill one) �and so on.

    2) So that I can make my life better, in the sense that I can create my own life as I want.

    3) So that people become like brothers, so that everyone can speak the same language and live in the same country, regardless of everything.

  16. Everything is banal.�

    1) A bank account with… for starters, a trillion euros. I think that's enough.

    2) So that I can heal any diseases

    3) To make Radyrov's camisole die. I think I'm terribly allergic to it. Every time I experience unpleasant sensations in the pelvic area.

    1. Hard luck, so that any lottery ticket I bought turned out to be a winner and all attempts to kill me failed.
    2. Don't get old. Stop aging at a certain age (for example, 25 years) without any signs of aging for hundreds or thousands of years, because it will be boring to quickly become that old man who is contraindicated to do everything except sit in a chair.
    3. A powerful AI that will completely obey me. To solve problems that may arise, entertainment and in principle would not hurt.

    I would like to live such a carefree long life, follow the development of humanity and not attract much attention to myself, and with the help of AI, you can do other interesting things, such as nano-bots from the answer below

  17. 1-300 friends 2-
    to all my friends and me the best computers keyboards mice and screens so that friends can play Minecraft
    3-be able to make a server
    Why – I would like to make a series on Minecraft with the server of Russia and a series like nyukem's

  18. if we are talking about the Genie from the cartoon Aladdin, who tells me that you can not wish for an increase in the number of wishes, then I will make only one. I want all restrictions that were given to Jin regarding the owner's wishes and other restrictions to be lifted. After that, we make an infinity of wishes and everything, wish what you want

  19. I would make 1 wish with a large number of clarifying sub-items.And there would be this desire for a leveling system like in an RPG, manga or anime.With such a system, anything could be done.And make it so that I would be the only owner of it and the power would be only mine (Like not from Jin or god, because they would be able to take it)Also, the sub-item could include the fact that I could enter developer mode and give myself immortality, skills,points, and so on.

    1. 1000 to the extent of 1000 to the extent of 1000 desires
    2. Become invulnerable
    3. Be able to fly incredibly fast and control your flight speed
    4. Become calmer
    5. Become incredibly strong
    6. Be able to shoot a laser
    7. Be able to heal living and non-living creatures with a touch
    8. Become incredibly smart
    9. Be able to turn off pain
    10. Be able to create a protective shell around other objects and creatures
    11. Be able to manage time
    12. Be able to create unlimited sandwiches
    13. Be able to pass through walls
    14. Be able to control, create and destroy matter with incredible precision
    1. Make a wish so that Jin can't change his rules or add new ones.
    2. Cancel all gin rules.
    3. Become omnipotent(I mean by this, for example, the ability to fulfill your desires without restrictions).
      By the way, I read all the answers and everything is so noticeable.
  20. 1. – materialization of thoughts. I think explanations are unnecessary. You get what you want.

    If you want a computer in the window, you have the same one at home. I don't think that's enough to make a big difference in the world. You can want any item with AliExpress for free, then sell it. You can materialize a situation in which you or others will be lucky or unlucky etc�

    2. – the ability to get into different cartoons, anime, games, etc. (getting into fictional worlds becomes immortal and omnipotent.) And why not the world is made up!

    3. – the ability to change the physical parameters of your body. A very useful ability. You can become gaseous, fiery, increase your legs, arms, turn into any animal, etc. increase your penis and well, you understand).

  21. Are you a real genie? It's just that I've always dreamed of 3 wishes. If you are a genie, then fulfill my wishes described below. I already dogodalsya that Santa Claus is not present, but I do not fully believe. But I believe in you. You are my hope for all horizons. And the accounts of others.

  22. 1) I want to be able to teleport anywhere I want. �The teleportation skill is very convenient. I closed my eyes and imagined you in Paris. This is awesome!!!�

    2) I want to be able to play cartoons and cartoons. Ie: I watch Spongebob and once I thought and I'm in it. Just so that all the cartoon characters do not react to me with deletion, and since I already had butto. And yes, absolutely so that I can return home.�

    3) I want to be able to get things out of any picture. For example: I turned on the minecraft photo and took out a pickaxe. Or I turned on a photo of a flight potion and drank it, so I'm flying. This may be a desire to replace money, but it is still multifunctional.

  23. 1. Health to everyone everywhere and everything. Health is the foundation of everything.

    2. World peace. Classic, but it's nice when it's quiet and nice around

    3. Consciousness for all and for nothing – many lack it

  24. In my opinion, these should be three desires that will not (too much) affect the people around you, the social and biological environment, but will affect you, your performance, productivity, or whatever you want, devour can. But don't fucking order world peace, see God, or get a lard of dollars. This is simply absurd, or unrealizable, and, in addition , it will affect and change the world, shift the balance of forces in the universe, or something. Therefore, I would choose a middle ground – between those desires that will change the real world to a state of absurdity and those desires that will bring at least some meager benefit to me personally. And so, my top:

    1)Perfect and flawless memory. Yes, I will be able to win all the talent shows, which will inevitably affect the real world, namely, the ratings of such shows. But personally, it will be very useful to me in my work and creativity. Yes, you need to be able to forget something in life, but any desire is a double-edged sword, and this desire has one of the ends more attractive.

    2)Ability to stay awake. If I don't have a job, I'll go back to the talent show and win the grand prize again. And in my spare time from touring and filming, I would be able to read and develop at night, while others recuperate for a new day at work.�

    3)Know the exact date and time of your death. (No, I don't need to know the cause and means of killing, or any other juicy details.) On the one hand, as soon as Mr. Djinn surprises me with such information, I will be very upset, probably I will think about the futility of being, my loved ones and my beloved turtle. This is where the disadvantages of this desire end. But then (!) I will have a sense of deadline, you know, like before the project is handed over. That is, based on desire 1, I will never forget this date and will have time to prepare for it. I will be able to correctly manage the time allotted to me, make a clear (the clearest of all on planet Earth) plan for life and, using wishes 1 and 2, become, most likely, the most brilliant person in the world. Yes, I can, because no one, even the most gifted person before me, had such skills and knowledge that I just received from the Djinn. I will manage my life resources 100%, leave a decent cultural heritage to posterity, after which I will probably be canonized in all cultures of the world, or at least be given the title of Hero of Russia.

    1. “Raise Russia from its knees” so that there is no poverty, corruption, and establish a competent selection of migrants to Russia.�

    2. So that my family doesn't need anything.�

    3. And I know all the languages of the planet.

  25. So, let's say more wishes, gins, hottabych, goldfish

    (please underline) you can't make a wish. Then:

    1) The person most similar to me, but in a female form (preferably just to find out who is most suitable for living people)

    2) The ability to travel in time (for both of us), if I change the course of history, then, when returning to the future, appear in the already changed version

    3) A suit with superpowers (again for both of us), I have a rough idea of what should be there, but it's too long to explain.

    1. A high standard of living for everyone on Earth.

    2. Lack of aggression in people.

    This will result in a peaceful, educated, healthy and generally developed world.

    1. Become a particle that moves faster than light while maintaining your vision.

    So I could travel all over the universe 🙂

  26. Before answering this question, it is important to remember the quote ” Be afraid of your desires. They tend to be executed.” And it really is. And you should be afraid because we just don't know how to make them correctly. You should at least look at the answers here. Almost every one of them has terrible pitfalls. Scary not only for the riddler, but also for the whole world. The universe is designed perfectly to make our dreams come true. We just need to know what we want.�

    All external changes have consequences. For example, a lot of money implies a lot of responsibility. Not to mention that they can't just show up; either it's a lottery win, a random transfer, or an inheritance… As you can see, each of the options is not very desirable. If the money materializes out of nowhere, the state will start asking questions, and so on…

    As for me, my wishes would look something like this:

    1) get rid of unhealthy laziness, that is, be able to achieve your goals (including improving your skills in any business or profession)

    2) become a highly sought-after and highly paid specialist of the highest level in a short time (say, in a year), without ruining your health

    3) learn to fly without additional devices, without changing the physics of the universe and without arousing the interest of scientists, special services and those who would like to use my ability for any purpose. (Yes, a childhood dream :))

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