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  1. and what I'm sorry, has changed?)))

    everything remained the same as it was.

    some places are covered but still the same and all the same.

    If a person was at least somehow interested in history ( not just textbooks with dates, but really interested in the customs of a particular time), then it is very easy to trace -we do not change much as a species.

    we want the same thing. we do the same thing)

  2. Unfortunately, nothing changes.
    The 10 commandments and 7 deadly sins are still relevant today.
    Regardless of technological progress.
    Not only that, but you can add to these lists.

  3. in humanity, many processes occur on the principle of day-night. For example, there is a process of rebirth, thanks to culture, religion, philosophy, and so on. This process brings many positive transformations to the life of society, develops various spheres of human life, increases freedom, welfare, order, social structure, progresses ethics, faith and striving for ideals, aesthetics, etc. Then people gradually get used to it, relax, get hooked on pleasure, get sick and on the way down try to justify their fall somehow. And then the process of reinterpreting moral imperatives or overthrowing them begins.
    Freud also discovered that the cause of human depression is guilt. When a person does what they think is right, they feel good about themselves. Otherwise, he feels upset. Therefore, a person in such a situation is faced with a choice: either correct himself, pull himself up to the ideals of a perfect and righteous life,or reject these ideals so that he can calmly continue to do evil, but no longer feel guilty.�

    Something similar is happening today through the so-called coming out – when a person, being in the opinion of a part of society and moral imperatives in perverted sexuality, feels his lack of freedom because of this-over time, contradictions accumulate and the resolution of these contradictions consists in freeing a person from one of these two aspects: either you are freed from what is considered shameful, or you are freed from the paradigm, from the coordinate system in which this sexual trait is considered perversion, that is, from this moral imperative. this is how morals and what is considered the definition of good and evil change. Black becomes white ( that is, it does not become-it cannot become, it begins to be called white), and white begins to be called black.( well, or gray, and Golokhvastov – even pockmarked))

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