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  1. Once I found my diary, which I kept in my youth and was surprised to learn that the events that I remembered in reality were different. Events are erased from memory, and the remaining ones are remounted in a different order. Gaps are filled in with a new interpretation or filled in with memories from another time. The most amazing false memory for me is how I remembered a movie that I watched with my grandfather at the village club. I laughed at the words of Pugovkin, who speaks on television: Hello, comrades, TV sets . I knew for a fact that the first time I saw TV was at the cinema, and only then at my parents ' house. My parents bought a TV in 1961, and I even looked at the documents for it. And I recently saw this movie on TV and it turned out to be released in 1963. Why such a shift and where these vivid memories come from, I have no idea.Unless childhood memories are generally difficult to link in time.

  2. It's like vinyl records, the more you scroll through them, the more they go bad. The human brain does not tolerate gaps and supplements them with more or less plausible conjectures, and sometimes desirable ones. The older your memories are and the more often you remember it, the more substitutions there are. Over time, fictional elements completely replace the real ones, although the sense of plausibility does not change, or even increases.

  3. I think you meant confabulations. In modern pathopsychiatry, there is no clear answer about the etiology of this phenomenon. However, it is certainly a memory disorder that is often found in other mental disorders (for example, schizophrenia, oneiroid, etc.). Thus, confabulations can be a manifestation of organic lesions of brain regions that are considered responsible for any type of memory (for example, the dorsolateral part of the prefrontal cortex with:). And in psychology, this phenomenon is considered as a product of the imperfection of our memory, when memories can be reconstructed under the influence of newly received knowledge. This is a difficult but interesting question,and I hope I have answered it at least partially)

  4. Reality is multidimensional ,and you exist (and simultaneously live) in multiple realities at once. These ” memories “are from another branch of YOUR own reality! You can also overwrite them. The process is called “soul rewriting”. Changing the past changes the future. See “Back to the Future”.

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