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  1. The question is posed in such a way that it is impossible to answer it. A universal answer would only be if EVERYONE is the same. Since, fortunately, this is not the case, I think the correct answer is: when you, using your strengths and abilities, will be able to shine in those areas that he values. Conditional example: if you approach a rider and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of rotary-piston engines in all their subtleties, they will definitely be smitten by your charm. But how to find out your strengths and what is really interesting for a guy is much more difficult.

  2. There are a lot of factors, but you need to decide in advance what you want from this guy.

    If we are talking about a romantic relationship, then a lot depends on the age of the man, his status , level of wealth and what he wants from you. So I'll tell you how to impress me.�

    First: appearance. Meet all the same on clothes. Be neat (it kind of goes without saying). Choose your clothes according to the situation (if you mean walking a lot, then it will look stupid if you come in high heels). Do not wear clothes that emphasize the sexual side (all sorts of tight dresses and deep cutouts, short skirts and shorts shorter than underpants) look at the flight attendants, conductors and dress uniforms of women of the armed forces and Navy (it looks very beautiful, but does not cause sexual desire. Don't put on a lot of costume jewelry and tons of plaster. Bright makeup personally repels me very much. And finally collect your hair in a ponytail, and then you will not look at what everyone goes with hair that interferes with them, but for some reason you can not collect it, if you think that you do not go – you are mistaken.

    Second, don't be too shy. If we have met, I also want to impress you, but I do not want to guess your thoughts and entertain you in every possible way. If you saw something interesting or suddenly wanted to (let's say you just wanted to eat ice cream). So tell me straight out, they say I want to go over there-then let's go in. The guy will probably offer to pay for you (within reasonable limits, of course)

    The third: About who pays. I didn't say in advance that I would treat you. So be prepared to pay for it yourself. Of course, I will offer to pay myself, but this should come from me as a broad gesture, and not from you as a demand.

    Fourth: I should also be interested in meeting you, and I also want to enjoy spending time with you. For this reason, it would be nice for you to show off your erudition and show me something interesting and tell me.

    Fifth: don't be afraid to show sympathy. I also like compliments (yes, I'm terribly vain), touches , hugs.

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