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  1. No matter how smart the devushkas are or pretend to be, they always prefer cattle. So sho be a redneck until the end, pozhosche and pogrubee – and then all the devushki will be yours, and vumniki with their haikami and haidagerami will be in flight.

  2. This is one of the main dramatic plots. The boy likes the girl, but he understands that they can not be together, because they are from different worlds. And it is he who is at a disadvantage, because he is not her equal.

    The irony of this particular situation is that you don't have to be a redneck to know this story. Thousands of books have been written on this topic and hundreds of films have been made. But these books should be read, and movies should be watched. Only then does the way out of this situation become clear.

    To put it briefly in your own words, it is as follows. You need to overcome the redneck in yourself and start working on yourself in order to become a better person. You need to break up with your old redneck friends. They pull you to the bottom. And you need to do all this while being in the field of view of the very girl you like. This transformation from redneck to human needs to be presented to her in such a way that all this is done for her sake. Women love it when someone puts them at the center of their world. This is their weak point. They fail to maintain clarity of mind and sanity in a situation where someone's subjective world begins to revolve around them, when someone makes them the meaning of their existence.

    As an illustration, the first thing that comes to mind is the movie “Hurry to Love “(A Walk to Remember). This is a direct canonical example. All the key points are expressed very clearly.

  3. To confuse Hayek with Heidegger, one must at least know both of these words and guess at their meaning.

    The redneck reacts to the word “Heidegger” with the words: “What did you call me? Where did I go?!..”

    So stop trolling us )

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