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  1. You can imagine protective walls around you, build such walls.

    You can, as you have already been told, immerse yourself in something (a book or some activity), a variation of this is the Internet – I, however, have always been somewhat wary of this option, because there is a danger of moving to” life ” on the Web, which is fraught with personal changes (undesirable) with a complete loss of the skill of contact with the world.

    Perhaps you just need to take a break from the usual reality – a few days in nature, without people/with minimal contact with people, without the Internet (it is desirable that there is no cellular coverage there, but… if you can turn off the phone and not turn it on, it's also normal). As for cases that require being in contact with people – in the vast majority of cases, nothing terrible will happen in 1-2 days without you, especially if you choose these days well-God help you!

    If you are chronically incompatible with the surrounding reality, then you need to change something!

    Either your environment (by moving to another), or the world around you, or yourself

  2. Well, here I can only give advice on my own.

    1. Headphones are your best friends. Turn on the music and just listen. Don't delve into the meaning or the melody, just listen.

    2. The imagination helps to withdraw into itself. Just imagine something, describing everything in as much detail as possible. Well, or just think about everything, speculate about the “great”.

    3. Books. Read more and more, and you can use the book's materials for point 2.

    4. Find yourself a creative hobby in which you can go with your head. It doesn't matter what, drawing, poetry, programming. Just do it for yourself.

    5. The movie is a great help for this. I don't know why, but author's films help me to abstract more from my surroundings. I especially liked Bykov's films “The Fool”and ” Major”. Well, you can also watch classic movies, like The Green Mile

    6. A dialogue with yourself. You can start talking to yourself. In the head, of course. It's okay to ask yourself questions from the 3rd person and answer them while thinking. Helps you solve problems often.

    It is better not to use a computer for this purpose, because this is a slightly different effect. As an auxiliary, yes, but you don't need to focus on it. Although here you can play all sorts of Indie projects. Or games that are strongly story-oriented.

    In the end, all this may not suit you because everything is individual. But it is not difficult to withdraw into yourself. And then they will return to normal, because one day they will get tired of it. But that's a different story altogether.

  3. It is very simple-to find a pleasant activity for yourself and do it at any free moment. Read or draw in lines or during recess, and don't leave the house without headphones… Games on your phone, you never know what else. Stop responding to people in social networks.

    Another question is whether this is really worth doing. If you are sad, then it will remain so, but you will also be left alone.

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