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  1. If a person does not understand the hints and your behavior, which you show that communication with him is unpleasant, then you just have to say right to his face that you would like to communicate a little less, that's why and for this reason. Yes, it will be unpleasant and offensive to the person, but you will put all the dots over the I's and stop unnecessary communication.

  2. There is a very necessary live hack! “You are welcomed by the Moscow refusal service! The person who left you this phone number does not want to communicate with you! Goodbye!”, – sounds from the handset, if you dial the number 8 (495) 728 89 80. Annoying suitors will no longer bother you, and annoying fans who demand your phone number will no longer be afraid of you. This service is absolutely free. And this funny but important idea belongs to Pavel Aladyshev.

  3. On the contrary, I think that you don't need all these hints, ignoring them, because a person (if they are sufficiently developed) will understand your hints and your behavior, but deep down they will believe that a hint is not a hint, and you answer like that (or don't answer) because you don't have time, you are in a bad mood, etc.It is better to IMMEDIATELY say that “I don't want to communicate with you, don't be offended, please accept this, you are a good person, but…” and so on. Be sure to tell the person why you liked them and why you want to stop communicating with them.�

    And if you stall for time , you will break up, but with a big scandal, a big disappointment, etc.�

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