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  1. This is explained quite simply: you are lucky enough to see a lucid dream – the state of a person in which he sleeps, but at the same time understands that he is asleep. Why were you lucky? Lucid dreaming is like virtual reality, you can do anything you want! The main thing is to catch the moment in a dream when you hear something like “is this a dream” or “maybe I'm dreaming” , etc. I'm into it myself)

  2. Our subconscious mind draws reality in a dream differently. What the bear said: if you think it's a dream, you're wrong! – you can understand that some things in reality you will understand incorrectly. Now we need to look at the bear. A powerful, powerful, omnivorous animal. What kind of association does it represent for you? If it is an enemy, then the enemy will point out the error to you. If a cute strong creature, then a friend will point out a mistake. If a wise and strong being – someone stronger than you-tells you that you are wrong.

    You decide whether to believe or not.

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