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  1. Very easy.This phenomenon is explained by 1 good word-hypocrisy.And they are blatantly hypocritical.It's just that at this point in time, it's very fashionable to be detached and nitaka, write strange statuses and post glitches, washing it down with cloudrep.They dofiga depressive, love every BrodskyYeseninykh, smeared with citatnikami, even on Letov encroached.They are sad in full view of everyone, so that they can amuse their ESV with the support and attention they receive.
    Girls are trending.It's sad,but they've always been there.Previously, they were known as vanilek, pedovok,and now it has been reborn into this.

  2. I agree with the previous answers that such girls often need attention. �But it doesn't come out of nowhere, the standard scenario is when a girl is convinced that she is “scary/fat/clumsy” , etc. After that, the girl really notices some flaws in herself, eventually begins to correct them, but she can no longer do without “feedback” from the outside. Therefore, feeling insecure about their appearance, they rush to “restore beauty” and post photos, etc.�

    In my social circle, I've come across something similar. You can help such people gradually by showing that they have something other than appearance, abilities and talents. With the realization of strengths comes self-confidence.�

    The answer is based on personal considerations and my experience.

  3. They just need attention. In fact, the ego of such ladies is inflated to the size of the Universe, and the PSV grows from every like, subscription and compliment. So be careful when giving such “poor things” encouraging comments or you risk warming a proud snake on your neck.

  4. Posting a large number of photos on social networks is not an indicator of having a high emergency response rate.�

    Purely psychologically, by posting photos that we think are successful, we raise our self-esteem.

  5. So, in fact, to explain-low self-esteem, along with an inflated ego.

    Self-esteem is below the baseboard, so the girl is insecure, but the ego is inflated to the limit, so she is always looking for approval and support from the outside. An example straight from the tutorial.

    Fashion has nothing to do with it. The problem here is poor psychological hygiene.

  6. I agree that they need attention, but I don't agree that they should be judged for it. You see, not everyone does this on purpose. Many people have flaws, and this is one of them. I don't like this behavior either, but if it annoys me, the only thing I do is go to another page.

  7. These girls want compliments, they put pressure on pity or something. It's the same with thin people who whine about being fat and take great pleasure in being told otherwise

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