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  1. People with this disorder do exist, but they “do not announce it”to the whole world,” but quietly suffer. Another thing is транссексу transsexuals on their social media accounts.This is a whole industry: show business, PR, private parties,and banal money-making.Asker asks why people don't accept transsexuals. Yes, they don't accept them, but they see�and view them only on the monitor/tablet screen, and at the same time they will run their eyes over the advertisement of a certain product/service imposed by�. In everyday life, they are ” unlikely to intersect “with us, ordinary inhabitants , because of the different environment.

  2. Because biologically it is unacceptable and according to evolution does not give society any rational grain. That is: gays, trannies and similar deviations from standard evolutionary human species will not produce offspring, therefore they will not benefit humanity, and therefore their existence is meaningless. Therefore, heterosexuals unconsciously perceive them as parasites (a virus or something unnatural). And this is not because a person does not understand or rejects “What is New and incomprehensible to him.” This isn't new – it's a dead end.

    By the way, propaganda actively changes this subconscious perception. Whether this is a good thing or not, think for yourself. I don't think so.

  3. People don't understand that transsexualism is not a whim or a perversion, but a disease. And the only treatment is sex correction by hormonal and surgical intervention. There is a diagnosis of F64, which stands for “gender identity disorder”.�

    Often about transsexuals respond with comments in the style of “fat mad”, “yes, he / she just went crazy/went”, etc. It's just that people are not interested in delving into the issues of gender reassignment, it's easier for them to judge it superficially. Although gender dysphoria is a very serious thing: many people who cannot cope with it and for some reason (financial or medical) change their gender, commit suicide or make such attempts. There are a lot of such cases. Society is not informed or interested in the problems of transgender people, most do not take such things seriously and consider it either another stupid fashion trend, or a whim, or madness.

  4. People are afraid of anything unusual and different from themselves. For example, extremely beautiful girls in the Middle Ages were burned on fire. Those who disagree with the church in the same way, even in matters of science(astronomy, medicine, etc.). The more mature a society becomes, the more tolerant it becomes of all kinds of differences between people. Non-standard sexual orientation, transsexualism, people of other races, and so on.
    It is important to give the child the ability to put himself in the place of another in any situation – and then he will understand why this is definitely bad.

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