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  1. If he is not being treated yet, then help him in this. Explain that the hospital will help him, but only with his consent. He will not experience any difficulties from this – they will not report his illness at the place of study/work, they will not give him a white ticket, and there should also be no problems with obtaining a driving license. In general, psychiatry is now very loyal and really helps people. Pills will relieve his bouts of schizophrenia. True, you will have to drink them all your life. But this is not the end of the world, some people live without arms and legs.

    If he is already being treated, then all that can help is support and understanding. Cheer him up, because this is a disease of talented people. On the Internet, you can find lists of famous writers, scientists, and artists suffering from mental disorders.

    The main thing to understand is that this does not make it worse.

    (From personal experience of friendship with people suffering from schizophrenia).

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