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  1. Your mother is an adult woman and knows where the clinic is located and where to find a psychologist. No matter how much you want to (and I would venture to suggest, no matter how much her constant sour look annoys you), you will have to accept that your loved ones live the way they want and are not always comfortable for us.

    If your mother didn't ask you for any help, then don't “do good.” This is an important skill – to withstand the sadness or grief of another person and accept it in any state. She now wants to live like this – with a bad mood and a bad head. The only thing you can do now is accept her choice and learn to abstract from the situation, not including the great “rescuer” when he is not expected.

  2. A headache is an azt thing. It's hard for your mother. Try to make your mother happy. Unfortunately, this won't magically solve the whole problem at once, but it will definitely help you a little. Stopudovo nice mom will be from some kind of good surprise. Do something that is difficult for your mother or pisses her off: clean up the room, wash the dishes. So that she doesn't miss it (her head hurts-she may not notice it), draw her a postcard :”Mom, I washed the dishes for you so that you rested” and draw a flower. Such mimimish things look silly… for everyone except their parents. Mom will appreciate it. Besides, it won't look like you're bragging at all.�

    good luck…

  3. Persuade my mother to go to the doctor. A bad headache is not a joke. Maybe stress, migraines, and maybe hormonal, depending on how old the mother is.

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