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  1. And why is this necessary? Love yourself as you are not.

    I almost don't even do humor – that's the joke. As correctly noted in the comments about the model of self-parenting-mentally healthy parents love their children in any case, because there are no others. As in the Italian proverb ” every moron is always nice.”

    You need to understand that you don't have another You. And, accordingly, no one has. But stronger than yourself – you will definitely not be needed by anyone. Thus, only “such” is what it is, and to love yourself in this sense simply means not to reject, accept and promote development and improvement.

  2. Understand that there is no other such person and never was in the history of mankind.

    You are absolutely unique. Your genes are a unique set of your ancestors. No one else has the same thoughts, desires, dreams, and ideas as you do.

    How can you not love such perfection?

  3. The trick is that you don't know who you are)�

    What you accept as “you” is simply a set of habits and patterns of thinking and behavior. And all this can be changed in the course of not too long psychotherapy.�

    And such a question is simply a consequence of your fixation on your own shortcomings (one or several), which, in your opinion, make it impossible to treat you well both on the part of yourself and others.�

    This is a cognitive error. First, in addition to these shortcomings that you are currently looking at, you also have advantages. Secondly, what you take for flaws may well seem like advantages to others ) Third, the nature and number of these shortcomings is not in itself a criterion of attitude towards you. The criteria are different.�

    In general, the expression “self-love” is from forums on pseudopsychology. Self-acceptance is the goal. If you are interested in it, but you can't do it on your own – wellcome.

  4. First, you need to write out everything that you like and dislike about yourself. Then enjoy what you like. And for what you don't like – try to change what you can, what you can't – leave it as it is for now. Then you need to say Affirmations about self-acceptance. Approximately 2-3 months daily and after that the adoption will take place as it is

  5. Write on a piece of paper all your character traits that you like.

    Everything that you can do well, especially highlighting what you can do better than others.

    Therefore, do the same with those people who are close to you, including relatives. Then-with friends. Then-with friends and acquaintances.

    Look at what happened: how many people with great personality traits love you, appreciate you, or even just communicate with you.

    How can you not love yourself like this?! 🙂

  6. In my opinion, you need to start showing love to yourself. Take care of your mental and physical health. For example, try not to be angry, not to judge, not to be hypocritical, that is, not to do anything that goes against your conscience. As for the body, for example, go to bed on time, eat healthy food, exercise, that is, you need to start doing what is really useful for us, invest in yourself. We value any investment in one way or another. Something like that.

  7. My answer is in continuation of the thoughts of colleagues. All the answers to this question are good. Everyone has exactly the same message to the person:

    “what are you like?”what do you mean by “me”?

    – think about your relationship with your parents, whether they accepted you as a child, and what phrases of your parents (parents of substituting figures or those you idolized) come back to you when you mention your childhood.

    – “love yourself” is pronounced in the sense of accepting and understanding yourself, how to come to this.

    These are at least the first steps in realizing the problem of “loving yourself”

  8. First you need to understand -” What am I like?”.

    The start on the path to love and self-acceptance can be disidentification with the Person (with the “mask” behind which the true Self hides).

    So a person can get acquainted with the Present. But this meeting is not always friendly at first=) Because under the “mask” that a person gets used to showing others (for example, due to the fear of rejection due to the demonstration of otherness), something is often hidden that he does not accept in himself-something cut off from the structure of the Self, shadowy, unpleasant to him.

    But this component of his personality, repressed into the unconscious for being “objectionable”, still needs to be balanced along with other parts of the Self – it needs to recognize the fact of its existence.

    There is nothing superfluous or unnecessary in the Self of a person – everything is valuable and important. Everything deserves attention.

    When something repressed is realized by a person, it becomes an experience, which allows you to free up useful resources for its individuation, and therefore for the realization of self-love in the way it is necessary.

  9. And why not love yourself as you are?! Are you intentionally harming society or people close to you? If not, then there is no reason not to love yourself.Each person is good in their own way, if you are inferior to someone in some ways, then you will probably be better in other areas.Everyone is talented in their own way, the main thing is to find this talent and not waste time on those areas where your interests and talent do not lie. By doing something interesting and unlocking your potential, you will increase your self-esteem, respect yourself more, and others will appreciate it.Look for your strengths and develop them.Never forget that you are no worse than others.

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