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  1. I have heard a professor tell students that the world around them is unreal, that it only seems to them, but in reality it exists only in their imagination.While he was saying this, a student crept up behind him and hit the professor on the head with a book. The professor's screams somehow dispelled his theory.

  2. Reality is something that has been agreed upon. What you agree with is your reality. And everyone has their own idea. Why do you need to be sure of anything else?

    Dream, imagine, make your dreams come true, create a new reality. After all, this is what people do every day. You are a perfectly normal person. Maybe by playing with your imagination, you can create an idea that will change the world for the better. Go for it! Don't doubt yourself. Just do what you're interested in.

  3. No way. Solipsism has no logical refutation, nor does it have the possibility of proof. It is just as impossible to prove whether we live in reality or in a simulated world (for the discussion about the last thesis, see Simulation Argument, Nick Bostrom)

  4. There is a very simple test, how to check if you see a real UFO (supernatural event) or it's just glitches.

    Press your finger very gently on one eye (through the eyelid) . When the binocularity of vision is disturbed, “real objects will double in the eyes, and all” fictional ones will remain in their places.�

    In fact, everything is much simpler than we imagine. And excessive complexity is the first sign of unreality.

  5. If you're still popping “sleepy” out of your eyes in the morning, then you're not sleeping. Congraturations! In a dream, this is impossible to think of.


  6. I love these questions!

    On the one hand, the answer is simple:you can't be sure.
    Another question is why exactly.

    One version of what is happening: all that artificial reality in which we live, created for us by some external beings. Like in a computer game: you are a character in the game, and your whole life is created by the developer. In this case, you have no way to go beyond the reality created for you, your whole reality is limited to the world that was created for you. There is no other reality for you, and you cannot go beyond the reality created for you. Call it a computer game or a matrix – it doesn't really matter. Whatever you come up with – all this will only be the result of your activities within the framework of the reality created for you.
    Here we can also talk about those practices that, as it seems to us, allow us to go beyond the usual reality. For example, all sorts of spiritual practices that are used by shamans and sometimes those who take psychoactive substances. Often you will hear from them about such experiences that are perceived as going beyond reality, the feeling of going “beyond”, i.e. to where it seems that there is another reality. All this, unfortunately, is not confirmed in any way by science and facts, so there is no need to talk about any realism and validity of the conclusions here. Some even call it glitches and do not attach any serious importance to this. Real shamans take this quite seriously, noting that the reality in which we habitually exist is far from the only one that exists.

    As for your imagination specifically as the source of existence of everything around, there is such a philisophical trend – solipsism. It just believes that all the reality around you is the result of the activity of your brain, your imagination. There is nothing objective that exists beyond your imagination. In many ways, I tend to agree with this, because the cat that you think about is exactly the feelings, thoughts, ideas that you have about this cat. There is no more objective cat that exists without looking at your understanding of what this cat is and what is associated with it. That is why, in fact, we say “as many people, so many opinions”. That is why each person perceives something negatively, and someone else perceives it quite positively. “The taste and color of all markers are different.” Each felt-tip pen is just what each individual person thinks of it.
    Again, if everything that exists around you is a product of your imagination, then you will never be convinced of the opposite, because apart from the result of your imagination, there is nothing else. Turn off your imagination, stop creating the reality around you, and then you will cease to exist, because who is Irina Shorokhova? This is a box that contains all your ideas about everything that surrounds you or has ever surrounded you. Burn this box, and you will be gone, because you are-all that you think about everything around you and about yourself. There is nothing objective that exists beyond your own imagination. Your imagination is everything that exists and has ever existed, including yourself and all the users on this site. It is possible that you do not exist, and you are just the result of my imagination. “But I am! “ – you will say, to which I will tell you that it is only my imagination that allows you to exist and think that you exist. How do you prove that you are, and are not a figment of my imagination? How can you prove that it's not in my imagination that you think everything you're thinking right now, and that it's not me who makes you feel like yourself? And there is no correct answer, you can only talk endlessly about this topic.


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