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  1. Absolute verification will not be possible, because the concept of reality is part of the verbal apparatus, and therefore its understanding depends on the culture in which a person lives with all its shades.

    But if we are talking about a certain generally accepted concept of wakefulness – not being in the world of imagination, dreams, etc., then there is such a system of techniques that is used in the practice of lucid dreams, which is called”reality check”.

    The starting point is a skill that is formed when you are awake. This nuance is the most difficult to grasp. It is necessary to seriously doubt the reality of what is happening and do it regularly.

    That is, in a coma or in a dream, the area responsible for critical judgments is disabled, so any curiosities, such as jumping 100 meters high or the absence of pain from falling from a high-rise building..

    Here are some examples: in an imaginary world, hands, faces, your own reflection, gravity do not work as in reality, so they are used as indicators. It is necessary to regularly look in the mirror, jump on my hands, etc., with the thought of whether I am dreaming.

    When the skill is learned, it can be done in a dream. The result of the discovery of the paradox may be the discovery of:

    So I'm dreaming!!

    Then it's a different story.

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