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  1. All events in the universe are interconnected. A small and insignificant event leads to big and important consequences. Therefore, any activity is important. For example, you are a janitor. If you don't do your job — clear the snow from the street, some neurosurgeon won't be able to get to the right place and won't be able to save someone's life.

    You probably do your job not only because it is important, but also because you have a talent for it, and it brings you satisfaction. You are a competent strong professional in this business. Your business is useful for you and other people. Your business helps you be happier. So why would you want to compare your happiness with someone else's? Everyone is different, everyone has different problems, their own ways, their own affairs, their own happiness.

  2. the question of comparing yourself to others is a very complex and multi-layered question. Yes, everything is known in comparison, but comparison is different from comparison. Comparing is an art – you can compare the wrong thing or not, and the result is depression, dissatisfaction, envy, resentment, a sense of injustice, and so on. Or vice versa, pride, audacity, arrogance

    Here recently there was a question about the Mansi people, that they say there were no great people in this nation and all that – a person seemed to be sad about such an insignificant fate of his people. However, this people had their own start, their own challenges of fate, their own measure of benefits that fell to their lot, etc. They may have shown more fortitude and commitment to life in their lives than those who got everything out of life at once.�

    We get different starts in life, different legacies, different conditions, and so on. And what matters is how we used it all.

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