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  1. You won't worry about such a simple observation. This is not enough for, for example, anxiety or fear (although it is not a fact that you have any shame in mind), you also need to consider this circumstance negatively for yourself.

    But in general , in any case, it is worth recognizing the simple fact that you do not lose anything at all by refusing to”communicate” to the extent that these peers are involved in it. As a rule, there is nothing particularly valuable or interesting in the communication of so-called extroverts, it's just a chatter, a “small conversation” about something insignificant.

    And with regard to what is called communication/social / “soft” skills – that is, the ability to communicate effectively, negotiate, etc., you may have read that introverts even in such seemingly “not their own” affairs have a significant advantage (if they devote time to practice, of course).

    This is explained by the observation and depth of building contacts, when compared with alternative personal profiles. Most likely – for this, it seems, you will have to “sacrifice” the breadth of the network of these social connections, but see above – this mass production itself does not carry much value.

  2. Either score or change. Soft skills are very important nowadays. The ability to easily build connections and expand your social network is a great advantage in life.

  3. No way. Life will constantly remind you that communication is movement. This is one of the key ways to achieve a certain goal, to find a circle of friends who will allow you to achieve your goals faster, because, unfortunately, not all problems are solved using the Internet.

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