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  1. To realize that we are already dead – only in the near future. And if we are already dead, then the reason for resistance (not humility) ceases to exist.

    The realization that every day is the only one and tomorrow will not come, opens your eyes to the reality of what is happening. And instead of thinking about death, thoughts come-that it is worth having time while here (for what reason here).

  2. The body dies, like a decrepit car or mechanism… You will live. This doesn't sound particularly convincing to you until you think back to your past lives. What is death to an immortal spirit is loss of memory… However, each person has the ability to remember everything, although he has also forgotten about it… Read the Technology described in the book Dianetics and may your memory be with you!

  3. A rather succinct answer to this question was given by I. O. Stalin: “We will drink, we will walk, and death will come, we will die!” As long as we are alive, we will be happy and have fun. Anyone who wasn't close to it likes to talk a lot about death.

  4. A person dies all his life: starting from the moment of birth and ending with death. Coming out of the womb is the first death. Then the years go by ” and every hour takes away a piece of being.” In the body, changes occur in the organics and psyche. The old dies out and is replaced by a new one. So life and death are constantly juxtaposed with each other, and apparently this juxtaposition does not stop with the death of the body. …

  5. First, you need to understand that this is a natural process and nature did not just do it. Sooner or later, people themselves want to retire. And secondly, in order not to just waste this time given to us, we must do good things that are useful for the whole world and for ourselves. And of course, we don't know what's behind the death, maybe it's not the end. 🙂

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