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  1. How to exist (compared to what it was before knowledge):

    1) with a greater share of pofigizma,

    2) with more self-mockery,

    3) with more reflection on everything that happens inside and outside, more deeply living every second (whether it will be pleasant or painful – it's up to you to decide),

    4) smile (reality will not worsen if you smile at it, and the illusion will most likely only improve).

  2. An experiment is a truth criterion. Do not trust hypotheses, statements, or expectations that have not been tested by practice or experiment. Do not be afraid to act contrary to your own fears and expectations, within reason, of course.

  3. These suspicions and fantasies do not prevent people and scientists from fully living and working.

    This problem may be of interest only to science in the very distant future.

  4. Calm down…)And with a sense of self-respect.Even if our life itself is just an illusion, should we ignore it and fall into depression, with oohs and sighs:

    “AH-H, ka-a-a-koi kosh-sh-mar-r … well, and ka-a-k to exist when your own brain is lying recklessly…?After all, this is the horror of what is…”…?)

    AND YOU LIVE …EXIST in this “illusion”, build it for yourself, creating your own world, making it so that you want to expand it,arrange it,decorate it, strengthen it, protect it…after all, this is YOUR world and for you and for your sake it will become real and will always be so, even in the reality that seems to be an illusion…and it will be the best, the most native of all possible worlds that were, are or will only ever be.

    IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU…AND ONLY FROM YOU…this is something to remember at all times and under all circumstances.

    And only in YOUR power to make any illusion a reality… as, however, and vice versa…)

  5. To realize that 'objective perception' does not exist in principle. And in fact, the thesis “deceives/does not deceive” is a philosophical question without an answer. We only see the colors that we can see. In fact, the concept of “color” objectively does not exist at all. Someone sees fewer colors, someone sees more, and no one, including us, can even imagine what any “other” color can look like. This is a simple example, but everything else is exactly the same. We live in a tiny box of consciousness that perceives (with a significant delay) three frail dimensions and believes that time flows straight, smoothly and without stopping. This in itself is a hoax. You probably mean whether our internal “picture” (sound, taste, perception of meaning) corresponds to the “real” picture. So: there is no real picture. The question is incorrect.

  6. Accept this probability, do not fall into depression, accept and continue to exist, and then disappear, as everyone is destined to, or take advantage of all these illusions and really start living

  7. Still as can deceive) This is already a victory over yourself-consciously give yourself an account of this. And it is very joyful to exist, if you do not stop at this understanding. The brain is a powerful, but not our highest tool
    (level) of consciousness. It is easy to prove this: love, as the highest category of life, does not obey the brain. That is, it can listen to the brain, but obviously exists independently and overwhelmingly. Our instincts, our sense of ownership, our adrenaline and insights, and our intuition are all a little deeper than simple brain activity.

  8. Even if reality is objective, we cannot know it, because we have only subjective perception. Doubts give rise to even more doubts, a fulcrum is lost, and anxiety increases.�

    Build up your calmness as best you can, and take what you describe as a given. If the world around you is an illusion, what's wrong with that? It can be pleasant) Play what you are afraid of and what you are running from. As an example:�Doctor, say something

  9. Illusions are possible. The illusion of reality is logically impossible. What I mean. Reality is a given in which we exist, including reality – this is ourselves. Let's take for example the radical version that we are some kind of analog of an electronic program and someone is on the other side of the computer. Can we say that we don't exist? No, we just exist in a different part of reality (after all, the computer and its software are real in this case). Can we say that our reality is illusory? No. Only our idea of it can be illusory; reality itself is objective.

    In general, whatever concept we take, whatever incomprehensible construction we encounter, it is necessary to know that they are possible only if there is reality, the universe, the Universe (whatever you want to call it). In other words, you can say, ” Our world is all illusion.” I can answer :” In order for this statement to appear, it must be part of objective reality.”�

    One way or another, reality exists and you and I are part of it. Live in peace 😉

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