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  1. Well, the reason is important here. As one smart person said: “If they turn away, it means they didn't love enough.” If a person lets you down constantly, does not keep promises, deceives, betrays, changes, then why do you need such a friend, comrade, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend? You don't need it, it'll pass in time. Verified.

  2. To realize that a person has fulfilled their mission in your life, the paths have diverged. Focus on the people who are with you. And just wait, as time heals.

    And in any case, do not ask yourself the questions “how did it happen?”, ” why?” and so on. Just take it for granted and remember the warmest moments. You know, it's so cool that you have something to remember and it happened in your life.

  3. My opinion is this. Mentally thank you for all the good things and move on. If your paths diverge, then you are developing, and this means that there are other people with whom you are on the way. In general, it is necessary to dramatize less, everything is for the best.

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