3 Answers

  1. Find as many other interesting people and activities as possible.

    The brain is quite a practical machine, it is not profitable for it to spend glucose on fruitless experiences about what is lost, if it has new and living people.

    Over time, if there are a lot of these interesting people and activities, the worries about the lost person will fade.

    This will work even if you “force” yourself to do something: sometimes this is the best way to cope with the loss.

  2. If we are talking about a timeless one, then try to find as many things to do and plans as possible, so as not to let thoughts get the better of you. I am sure that everything will work out for you in the best possible way

  3. Let it go,do work,do household chores,find other communication,find negative moments in communication,if there are any ,understand that everything flows and changes,some people come into our lives,and others leave .

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