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  1. Anxiety, anxiety, and depression are all signs that you are on the negative side. Now I'll attach a picture here to make it clearer. And I'll write down what it all means:�

    There are well-defined actions that lead us in a negative direction, reducing our quality of life and impairing its perception. These actions are negative addictions. Human nature itself tends to fall into addictions, so you need to very strictly monitor that they are only moderate in nature (if they are natural) and generally get rid of them if they are harmful to the body (such as smoking, alcohol, drugs). Addiction is caused by surges of the hormone dopamine in the body when using chemicals or abusing natural actions that bring “momentary pleasure”. The sensitivity of dopamine receptors decreases and it takes time for them to recover, all the time they recover, we will experience negative consequences. The addiction curve in the picture shows how just one surge of dopamine crashes our psyche for a long time. We all start with the harmony line, then try something (or do something excessive, such as getting too involved in sex, yummy food, and / or alcohol and other narcotic substances) that breaks this delicate balance and falls into the dark side. Life on the dark side seems less pleasant – everything seems to be the same, but the feelings are different, more negative, there is anxiety, maybe even paranoia, depressive disorder, as if the same “bad trip” is coming, but on a sober head. If you no longer apply the action that caused the dopamine surge, but wait for some time, then the body itself will gradually recover and return to the harmony line. But if you try to get out of a negative state by using narcotic substances (or actions), then an addiction is formed. And you fall even deeper into the negative (everything is very clearly shown in the picture).�

    And remember the phrase: “A momentary pleasure can cause long suffering” – this is just about this case. You just need to understand this thing and see the connection. See the connection between pleasure and suffering. Understand that if you get pleasure, then you pay for it with a depressed state – there is no other way. Calm inner peace and harmony is a very subtle thing, and not many people can come to this. And this is understandable, because from time to time all ordinary people want to experience pleasure in life, to experience it just like that and without consequences, but this does not happen. So, by the way, there is a religion that supports a person on the path to harmony, all this is not accidental and is very important for those who are really looking for peace in this life.

  2. You can try to contact a professional psychologist, anxiety and panic attacks occur against the background of neurosis, a psychologist will help you find this cause. Reading popular science books on psychology also helps you understand yourself.

  3. try reading the book “magic”. gorgeous book, became happy after reading it.

    it tells us about gratitude to everything and everyone that surrounds us. and because of this, we really find happiness and dreams come true.

  4. I'm not a psychologist, but I often notice that if you have time to push yourself into stress, then now there is no activity to your liking. When you are busy with something with all your heart – you simply don't have the strength and desire to drive yourself into worries-all of them simply fade into the background. Maybe you've been wanting to do something for a long time? Something new to master?

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