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  1. It seems to me that in the very statement of the question: how to make sure that even your friends don't know if there's a catch. The catch is that a person wants to abruptly become someone else, which he is not. And by ignoring your nature in this way, you can turn into your opposite. I can't say that this never happens. It happens, but at too high a price.

    For example, a young lady who has been gifted by nature with naturally tempting large forms will be forced to sit on the most severe diet in order to turn into a skinny girl. It will take up her time and energy. Breakdowns will come, followed by feelings of guilt. The brunette is unlikely to become an organic blonde, rather she will get a suspicious yellowish blonde. A man of small stature is unlikely to grow, only at the cost of a broken bone… Etc.

    Psychological characteristics are also based on a certain natural component, which is not so easy to change. It is unlikely that a very quiet, shy person will turn into a loud, noisy, arrogant extrovert. If this happens, it will be a mask that will take a lot of effort to maintain. So I would say that you should not turn into someone else, but be yourself, but in the best possible way.

    You can start with anything. Find any detail in yourself and improve it. Enroll in the gym. Get additional education or take courses. Sign up for a social club. And in parallel with this, it is worth looking for new acquaintances. People who will find you interesting and charismatic from the very beginning. In such circumstances, it will be much faster to find the best version of yourself.

  2. What for?

    First of all, honestly answer yourself this question: why?

    If you want to change, then you don't accept something about yourself

    What and for what reason?

    And then-work, work and work..

    Go to a smart psychologist. But not so that he will change you at the click of his fingers, but so that he will help you understand yourself…

    And when you understand and begin to understand yourself… who knows? Maybe you will like yourself the way you are…

    Or maybe you can correctly outline goals and ways to change yourself as a person

  3. Use methods to overcome mental inertia. For example, from the list of TRIZ tools, applied to the non-technical field. Learn from specific examples, watch videos, read books, and learn how to work in this environment. For example, Sergey Fire.

  4. In my posts, I often ask people questions. These questions have a specific purpose. I don't ask them because I don't understand anything. On the contrary, it is important to me that you can answer them for yourself, so that your intentions become more clear to you, and this will allow you to find solutions to your problems more effectively.

    This post is no exception. So here's something for you to train your mind on.�

    For what purpose do you want to change internally? What exactly do you want to change internally? What exactly do you want to achieve by doing this? How do you know that you won't be recognized? Become charismatic and interesting to whom, where, and when? How do you know that you have become charismatic and interesting?

    Also, what problems do you hope to solve in this way? How else can you improve your self-esteem and self-confidence?

    Any changes take time and effort. If that's what you're up for, then great! Because many people are wondering where to meet Morpheus, get a red pill and immediately-so that “they don't recognize” 🙂

    Internal changes are changes in your habitual thinking patterns. These patterns came to us along with our upbringing, our culture, and our social environment. And all this is not just a source of what you think, feel and do, but also an active, sometimes aggressive, support for your entire worldview.

    So get ready that the path ahead of you is not easy, difficult and long. In fact, by changing internally, a person changes his reality. And maybe at some point in the future, you won't care how charismatic or interesting you are, because you'll feel like you've always been that person, and now you have completely different plans.

    But if we talk about the practical implementation of your intention, then depending on the context, charisma can give you, for example, public speaking training. You can become more interesting if you learn how to tell stories in storytelling training. Conversational hypnosis can help you become more persuasive when talking to others.

    Of course, the crucial question here is who conducts such trainings. Because many coaches give exactly the skills, not the internal change. And this is important to understand.

    But, again, first answer for yourself the questions that I asked at the beginning of this post. Perhaps, for your inner change, you will want to study philosophy or religion, or the history of ancient civilizations and cultures, or something else… The choice is yours!

    Good luck to you!

  5. All of the following

    Find new friends and forget them.�

    Find new activities, learn something useful.

    Take care of yourself-running or dumbbells, cycling or swimming, any physical education.

  6. I've been asking this question for a long time, and now I'll throw some firewood, find me a person who has turned from a gray, shy person into what you wrote. I didn't find it. I don't know why.

    Specifically, my recipes are like this. Win as often as possible. Set tangible goals and achieve them. Just dare a little bit and aim higher and higher.�

    Constantly stupidly praising yourself, and in public, diluting with humor and self-irony, which allows you to take it to extremes without questions from the outside. It is to the extreme because half-measures do not work. At all. Going to extremes a little bit at a time, slowly, helps.

    To say and believe that I'm doing great, finding joy in it, believing in it, but with good reason. You have to be good. Not in other people's eyes, but in their own. It is important that it would not be in others but in their own. It liberates, gives a sense of lightness, inner.

    In short, by deeds and actions, and boldness in one's desires, changes in self-perception are achieved. Just imagine how great it would be to do exactly this, what you want, and at the maximum, only at the maximum, uncompromisingly, exactly the most intimate. You can! and you have complete freedom to do at least something to achieve what you want. Previously, for example, there was a school, an institute, and this did not allow us to fully devote ourselves to the implementation of any goal. How cool that now nothing holds and you can direct all your strength to one point and then, believe me, it will be powerful.

    Make jokes and think positively. The seriousness is stultifying. Think fast, do not slow down yourself with doubts, it eats up extra ennergia and becomes difficult to think.�

    You always know everything yourself, you don't need fortune tellers, psychics, or even specialists. That's what you think, and it's right. It's simple, because everyone is human. All are simple. Therefore, you also understand everything, even if you are simple. What you don't know, special knowledge only clarifies. But the principles of thinking are unchangeable: good is good, bad is bad. Therefore, the mind is enough for everything, and it takes a maximum of a week to get special knowledge. Well, everything is approximately. I'm currently learning a programming language just because I suddenly wanted to. Well, probably for the fact that you can prove what I wrote about above. Also force yourself to be bright. Wave your hands, say whatever you think, use different intonations, be an actor, all in jest, but it also heals.

  7. 1. To become charismatic quickly, you need to:

    • sketch out a few of your own ideas (5-10 options) for achieving a certain goal, for example, to earn money legally, get a bonus at work, get to know someone, etc.

    • immediately start implementing these plans without looking at others, ignoring their opinions about you and their stereotypes. If you manage to pull off at least 30 percent of cases with a positive result, you will already feel confident and strong. The more diverse the areas of activity, the higher the charisma.

    Long-term plans include working with vital installations

    2. Buy a calendar and draw out the dates of the month with colored squares. Every day/week – the color of the square is a new change in your life. Which one? It's up to you (habits, skills, attitudes, etc.). To change attitudes, you first need to write out your own, understand and write down why the new one is more progressive, and remember it.

    A conceptual approach is to read the books by W. Zeland and J. R. R. Tolkien.Dispensa.

    New skills help to diversify life and enrich the neural connections of the brain.

    To do this, you can take different courses-which ones you like-this is working on your own.

    If you know what you want, you can save energy and connect to external sources.

    How to do it:

    • Write out your interests that people you know already know about. The ones you want to impress (say relatives). – – Write out the most unexpected types of hobbies that are far from known to your friends. Find clubs and people who have been doing this for several days and devote time to studying and practicing the chosen topic. In the process of mastering new knowledge, the worldview will also change, if the interest is sincere.

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