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  1. As quite normal. I, for example, have reviewed many times “Sliding” because it is a favorite TV series of my childhood. After completing my homework, I sat down to watch the next episode before my evening walk. Then, in the new era of disks, I bought all the seasons and watched them many times: first the missed episodes, then the most favorite episodes. I still sometimes take out a CD and watch a couple of episodes to relax.
    A person tends to return to the invented worlds that he likes, and the very idea of any TV series is based on this in principle. I know a woman who has been “living” in the world of the Wheel of Time for more than 10 years, constantly rereading her favorite episodes and creating fanfiction. All this is normal, if without fanaticism and separation from reality.

  2. For me, this practice is quite normal) I love watching Friends, even though I already know most of the episodes by heart. There is a special atmosphere there, I always wanted to live with my friends in the neighborhood:) Reviewing or rereading, we either awaken feelings that we lack, recall certain events and feel nostalgic. I think one of the most striking examples of this phenomenon is the screening of Irony of Fate on December 31. Even if some people are tired of it, it's like an addition to the New Year's atmosphere!

  3. I reread the Harry Potter books all the time. But I don't just reread it, I also listen to it. I don't remember what I did for the first time — read it or watched it. But I do know that I read my first book about GP when I was six years old. The first movie was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It has to do with the atmosphere. And, perhaps, with the feeling that I can feel their strong friendship. The friendship I never had.

  4. I don't know how to describe it, but for me it's something natural. If a book/(cartoon) movie/(cartoon)the series is interesting, so why not review it? First, it allows you not to search for something new again. By the way, such a person may not really like to read/watch something new. Secondly, logic suggests that if the work is so interesting that it allows you to enjoy yourself more than once, then you need to use it. This suggests a comparison with, for example, a box of chocolates: you ate a few of them and put them aside, but you still have some candy left – you can/should eat them later, too.

  5. This is quite normal. There are many works that you can reread and review and each time find something new for yourself.
    No wonder they say: repetition is the mother of learning.
    Moreover, it can be associated with personal pleasant memories and associations.
    Sometimes you look at it, and your mood immediately rises. Once again, you lose yourself in the atmosphere of a pleasant work.
    This same feeling makes people listen to their favorite songs several times, eat their favorite dishes, and wear some favorite clothes (rarely does anyone wear them once).

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