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  1. Good afternoon! There are emotional and physical manifestations of anxiety. The emotional ones include anxiety, fear, anxiety, tension, the feeling that it is impossible to “sit still”, and growing panic.

    Physiological factors include:

    • shortness of breath;
    • increased heart rate;
    • tightness in the chest;
    • heartache;
    • headache;
    • dizziness;
    • shivering;
    • general weakness;
    • increased sweating;
    • nausea;
    • stomach pain;
    • numbness of the extremities;
    • violation of thermoregulation.

    The feeling of anxiety manifests itself in everyone in different ways, depending on the severity and strength of the irritant.

  2. Everything is very individual. Different people may have different feelings of anxiety. It all depends on its intensity and cause.
    ☑️If we are talking about anxiety, which acts as a kind of defense mechanism (for example, to a real danger), then we can talk about the instinct of self-preservation, which is built into us by nature. And the body mobilizes all its forces and resources and tries to cope with the task (i.e., the feeling of anxiety is felt, but in order to save itself, a person actively begins to act, although there may be different reactions – from active to passive).
    ☑ ️If we are talking about a panic attack, when the anxiety also increases literally exponentially. Moreover, it quickly takes hold of a person and can just as quickly come to naught. What happens here is the following: physical manifestations may not be associated with real danger, the person seems to expect that something terrible will happen now. Although he can be in a completely safe place for himself (for example, at home), and therefore be inactive.

    Of course, there are much more reasons for the alarm!

    But one way or another the feeling of anxiety will manifest itself approximately in both cases so:

    1️ ⃣ Sweats,
    2️ ⃣ People may feel weak,
    3️ ⃣ Dizzy,
    4️ ⃣ Strong heartbeat,
    5️ ⃣ Numbness of the limbs,
    6️ ⃣ Darkening of the eyes,
    7️ ⃣May start feeling queasy,
    8️ ⃣Violation of the gastrointestinal tract,
    9️ ⃣ Full of confusion,
    1️ ⃣ 0️ ⃣ Fading.

    These are the main manifestations of anxiety on the body level.

  3. Suddenly, a wave of adrenaline surges, the body tenses, is selected for defense against it is not clear from what. It's a good thing that this rarely happens to me.

  4. Feeling anxious is the first harbinger of a panic attack. It occurs as a result of various triggers (a negative reaction caused by an event, person, or information). Simply put, they collided – it responded (hooked).

    All symptoms are described in other comments. Each of them manifests itself in different ways. As a rule, this is a consequence of the stress experienced, and now something has raised this layer again. Hence, the breathing and pulse rate increases. It starts to turn inside out. State of fear, etc. This can lead to inappropriate behavior.

  5. a wave rises somewhere in the area of the adrenal glands, you feel the arrival. destructive thoughts arise. then the inevitable waste runs. there remains a feeling of being broken both mentally and physically…

  6. A slight chill runs through me. Inside, especially in the stomach, everything is compressed, but it does not hurt… just a hollow feeling in my stomach, as if something had been ripped out from the inside.

  7. I have a feeling of anxiety when I ride the subway, especially when rush-hour trains are stuck in tunnels.

    At this point, I start to get very fussy. My heart starts pounding, I start breathing fast, tremor in my hands. I can feel my breath pounding and stopping. And the brain starts working against you, making the situation worse. He begins to imagine that you are deep underground, and there is no way for you to get out, and the minutes turn into hours. Thus raising anxiety in a panic of some kind. At this point, to relieve the tremor, I start to twitch my leg, start to climb on the phone, look at other people's faces, almost talk to them in order to distract myself somehow. And all this action lasts 3-4 minutes while the train is standing, and then a strong relief. But until the next tunnel. It is very difficult to get out of this state. It seems that you came out, in your head “well, yes, the tunnel and what?”, and then you are again thrown down into panic, anxiety, and all over again.

    A subway ride and the full range of emotions)

  8. Recently, I have started to experience feelings of anxiety very often and I can describe this feeling as follows.

    My chest feels tight and heavy. You can only concentrate on one thing. People's faces become blurry, their legs give out. You start coughing often or just feel that there is not enough air. It gets dark in my eyes, and some obsessive thoughts start coming to my head, which makes me want to run away to a safe place. In general, it feels like everything is weighing on you.

    I hope I understood the question correctly and answered it.

  9. Need a description of the feeling of anxiety?

    In my torso, at the level of the solar plexus, a ball the size of a lawn tennis ball appears, which begins to oscillate at a high frequency. And it fluctuates due to the fact that the vectors of my different intentions, coming from the center of the ball, begin to pound on its shell. This is how situations of instability, ambiguity of a clear path, lack of a clear direction manifest themselves — different intentions want to realize themselves and certainly right now.

    But I can't say that the anxiety in me arises for no reason. Why would she just do that? When it occurs, I can clearly identify the cause.

  10. Feeling anxious for no reason? Well, I have something like this: it starts with a slight causeless irritation, the source of irritation is not clear, I start looking for it, sorting out possible reasons in my head, for example, I can't find it (because if I find it, I immediately calm down), this makes me even more agitated, I start running around the room, I forget what I wanted to do, because in my head everything scrolls in an endless spiral thought “something is wrong/what/ how to find/calm down/I can't”, and so on until a nervous tic in the eye apple. But humor always saves me – I imagine how I look from the outside, it always reminds me of a dog looking for somewhere to take a shit (they are so funny to always spin around before this case), and this makes me start laughing and the tension goes away.

  11. without any reason, everything seems to shrink inside, you start to load yourself with thoughts that have no basis, you consider the worst options for any situation. it's as if something is sitting inside and irritating you, you want to get rid of it, but at the same time you don't really understand the reasons for this-and the unknown also scares you.

    as a result, I get lost among my thoughts, experiences, and sometimes lose touch with reality. I just want to run away.

  12. Well, this is a standard situation for a person who lives in a city and often faces stress. I don't want to frighten anyone, and I may be completely wrong, but a state of gratuitous anxiety can be called a panic syndrome or panic attacks. In different people, they manifest themselves in different ways and with different strength. It is better to read about this in more respected sources than my opinion, but it seems that this condition occurs due to the fact that you once encountered stress, an irritant, and the body perceived it as a danger. In more ancient times, most human stress was directly related to a life-threatening situation, such as a predator attack. From such stress, a person had to run away, save himself. To make it easier to run away, the body produced adrenaline, which mobilized the body, and during the escape “weathered”. Modern stresses are no longer the same, but the body still produces adrenaline, and since it is rarely possible to simply escape from our problems, this adrenaline remains, which adversely affects the nervous system. And then, as if “shoots” seemingly for no reason. If you have this type of anxiety again, try physical exercises, such as jogging. I emphasize that I am not an expert, and my explanation may seem childish, but this is how I understood the problem.
    I hope that I was talking in the subject.

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