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  1. Before developing critical thinking, you should think carefully about whether you need it.

    The life of the average person proceeds in a system of myths formed for him by society. Their name is legion: in politics, in economics, in the family. All this mythology is organized in such a way that, in principle, it provides a fairly painless and even comfortable existence. As the brilliant Phileas Taylor Barnum used to say, “there is a sucker born every minute”, but “we have something for everyone”.

    As you train yourself to think critically, you begin to see not only what is shown to you, but also what is hidden from you. This is the path to freedom, but it has many side effects.

    If you are ready to plunge into this darkness), you can start with the following simple rules for analyzing any information:: 1) any published information is a point of view, not the truth; 2) behind the point of view there is always a specific interest of the author, which you need to understand; 3) the main part of any information is false, and the truth is contained in reservations; 4) having received information that inclines you to a certain position, you should study the opposite information that contradicts it.

  2. Critical thinking begins to develop when certain ideas that a person has long believed in begin to break down. Since a person does not even suspect that he is wrong about something, he needs a push in the right direction. In my experience, satire works best in this regard, and therefore it is necessary to start with it. Watching South Park helped me, as it often makes fun of common misconceptions, stand-up artist George Carlin also burns (or rather burned) quite well, I would advise starting with him, you can read Lurk at your leisure and generally make it a rule never to join either side of holivar, since usually they are both wrong, and the truth is in the middle or somewhere else. It's like a snowball, you just need to start, and then everything will go on a roll, stop taking your word for it, go to extremes, eat popcorn when there is shit going on around, in general, life will suddenly become easier and more fun.

    PS You can also read about cognitive distortions in psychology, this is about the subjectivity of human thinking and the traps that a person falls into, thanks to this thinking.

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