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  1. Self-acceptance. Similar to the experience with psilocybin mushrooms, but not for a few hours, but for a few months of high.
    Both useful and very joyful

  2. Holotropic breathwork. You lie down and start breathing very fast. You ignore the dizziness, dryness, and keep breathing. For 30-40 minutes you breathe without stopping very often.

    Please don't do it yourself. Have someone to look after you. If possible, experienced. Possible loss of control over the body, reduction of limbs. The practitioner should also be given a drink of water from time to time.

    The effect occurs due to the oversaturation of the body with oxygen, and it is quite powerful. I have heard from various holotropics practitioners that they have seen their past lives, dead relatives, and other amazing things.

  3. Lucid dreaming. Yes, this may sound like some kind of unrealistic esotericism, but in fact, the existence of lucid dreams is confirmed by many studies, what can we say about people who have experienced this.

    The point is very simple: you are aware of yourself in a dream and can do absolutely anything you want. �

    Getting into a lucid dream can be difficult for some, and very simple for some — everything is individual, so I can't vouch for the” speed”. But still, this is the most vivid experience with consciousness that a person without substances can experience.

    There is a lot of information on the Internet, as well as ways to become aware in a dream. The main thing is not to forget that this phenomenon is physiological, there is no mysticism here, and be wary of sources that may say something about the astral and esoteric.�

    I recommend Laberge's books, they are all written from a scientific point of view and there is not a word about other worlds and so on.

  4. The most useful way, though less effective, is mindfulness meditation. It develops a joyful and curious perception of the world. The effect of it eventually becomes part of everyday life.

    It is best to start learning it with short video lectures by Yonge Mingyur Rinpoche.

    And then there is Transcendental Meditation. It is more effective, but, in my opinion, less useful. However, you can only learn it for money.

    But why do you need all these tricks? What you really want is happiness. Mindfulness meditation is sufficient to achieve this goal.

  5. Learn to reproduce different states yourself, in your head.However, to do this, you need to visit at least once in any state for real.Well, or come up with your own.Autosuggestion is a powerful thing.

  6. My 5 kopecks about holotropic breathwork: if there is epi-activity ,then it is strictly forbidden to eat it, this will lead, most likely, to a full-fledged attack. And many people live and do not know that there is epi activity for years, if they have not done an EEG.

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