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  1. There are two ways to describe this phenomenon: one is more prosaic and not always suitable, and the other is actually unprovable, but theoretically possible.

    The first version is closer to skeptical biologists, referring us to such a phenomenon as pseudo-memories. that is, we interpret similar feelings as deja vu and at this moment subconsciously create a memory of what it was like. But what to do in a situation where you remember deja vu a few seconds before it happens and can tell in advance what exactly is going to happen to an outsider(personally, it was like this).

    Therefore, there is also a second explanation that uses elements of theories from physics+speculative philosophy.

    What if the time that we experience as unidirectional, that is, from the past to the future, is actually not just a stream, but a whole field, and a person can only move in one direction initially. But, potentially, he has the opportunity to perceive something that has long passed and is not with him or something that has not yet happened.

    But most people do not know how to use this function consciously, and only occasionally it spontaneously manifests itself.

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