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  1. Through lucid dreaming. Cause yourself a lucid dream (the Internet is full of techniques, the main thing is not to hit the mysticism. the most effective are considered to be from Mikhail Raduga) and fly yourself, you can also walk through walls, get out of the body, turn into an animal, or sleep with a star, etc.

  2. If you are talking about the very feeling of flying, then perhaps the simplest and safest option is “Flying in an air tube”. They are now a lot of different, you can find from 1000 rubles in 2 minutes.

    And for the desire to live and create, you need first of all awareness of why you live, how you see your life yourself. When there is a “why”, a ” how ” immediately appears, and they don't even need a separate launch.

  3. Take a dive from a high diving board into the water. A tower of 10 meters is needed, it is safe for health, and the sensations are super extreme. Skydiving is better, of course. This is true more expensive, but the feeling is even cooler than jumping from the roof of a high-rise. Again, the best part is base jumping. Jump from a TV tower, from the Eiffel Tower, or from the Empire State Building. The feeling is exactly the same, because you will fly from skyscrapers. But super expensive, not everyone can afford it. And super scary, not everyone who can afford it financially is able to afford it spiritually.

    Only here for the fullness of life you need not doping and adrenaline, but several other substances. A clear mind, an education (self-education is even better), great hard work, intelligent planning, accurate knowledge of what you want to get out of life and inspiration from above. And doping, in any form, is dangerous for the human person, because it destroys it. And people who spur themselves on with doping always end up quickly and very badly. There are quite a few examples of this in history.

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