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  1. Personally, I adhere to the Buddha's point of view: the person, the Self, is an illusion resulting from the addition of elements; as long as these elements are together, we dream of ourselves as something separate from the world; with the disintegration of these elements (in the event of death), the illusion of our own self is created.I dissipate. By the way, the famous French physician Bichat once gave a good definition of life as a phenomenon: life is a functional unity that resists death. And fairy tales about the immortality of the soul are just a reflection of our desire.Ego avoid total annihilation: though, an eternity before our birthhis it did not exist at all, and this, oddly enough, does not lead him to indescribable horror)

  2. I was nothing and became nothing. We are an on-and-off movie, with the effect of an illusion of the reality of the hologram that we are. But, if we choose to BECOME AWARE of Ourselves, to become a human being, and to become disidentified with forms, we can go to …a different state, and the question of death becomes meaningless and what comes after it.

  3. Personality and brain are bone and skin. One does not exist without the other.

    so as for the personality, you can be calm – it is that and will be that as long as life glimmers in its breath.

    After passing the threshold of death, each person has their own experiences and visions. There can be no generalizations here. For one person, it may be the same external environment as in life, for another-those people and events that were desired during life. Still others will not see or feel anything at all. In general, everyone will receive “according to their faith”. Even an out-of-body materialist will still be reborn over time, but his out-of-body journey will be the same as, for example, a passenger on the orient Express who sleeps through the sleep of an infant for several stops. Just because he didn't see them doesn't mean they weren't there.

    Inanimate nature does not exist in the universe. Everything has life and consciousness. Even stones have it in a latent (potential) state. The rebirth of man into the realm of even animals is impossible even with a great desire. The law does not allow this. This works like a semiconductor. Only one direction is possible for the current to flow.

  4. You can imagine that Death is a complete stop of movement, because life is movement. The world is created in the image and likeness of Creative Thought. And the way of Thinking is an image of ordered movement. But thought is immaterial, although everyone can see images or representations while they live . That is, after death (stopping all functions), there is no way to see or represent anything. But the world continues to move with life. However, the material is discrete in recreating itself to be continuous. If everyone brings up their children in the image of their own understanding of the world. And children, growing up, will continue to develop the images of their parents. Then you continue to live in children. Otherwise, your future is your children. But you can give your future to other people in your lifetime. Then after the death of your body will not be, it will be processed into soil for plants. And the children passed on to others will be the future of others.

  5. Someone has a brain damaged during life, if you expect that nothing will change after death, and you are concerned about the question of how much the personality will change when destroying almost all energy shells, including the body with all its giblets, becoming undead, if you are lucky…))))

  6. All living things pass into a different state and it is impossible to resist this ;about the idea of what will be “there” and after the life path is passed, there are 2 concepts: 1) scientific on the basis of which death occurs with the failure of the brain and 2) religious on the concepts of which the soul passes into a different vestment

  7. Death is like a black hole, there is a border, before and after, after, we can only guess what is there, what is there, or a cold void or just the click of a switch and that's it, there are many theories, but no one has yet told us what is there, at the end of the tunnel.

  8. I do not know your circumstances, it is quite possible that this topic is extremely painful for you. But it is in people. Look at how many geniuses left at a young age. Not counting those who committed suicide. I'm talking about those who have lost their minds. Let's see? Van Gogh, Ryunosuke, Edgar Allan Poe. ( I can continue, but these are the SAME ones) (I didn't understand the question a bit, so I'm just talking about the topic). I have my own theory (in the book “Theory of everything that is not” – online, free) I think that everyone has their own purpose. And when a person has performed it (like Bulgakov's master), it no longer matters. His mind can “go” into God's world… And man continues to live – WITHOUT reason. It becomes part of nature…

  9. The phenomenon of death is elusive. As soon as death occurs, the very possibility of experience disappears. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine death, since the representation implies an observer. In death, you stop being an observer. This way, you'll never feel like you're not alive. You will be what you have always been – an integral part of our world.

  10. Many scientists were looking for the “beginning of beginnings”, i.e. the creation of the world. But in their search, they have broken through a dead end, a certain barrier, because there is no beginning, just like there is no end. The world has always existed and exists in cycles – at the end of each cycle, everything is reset to zero and returns to its original position. Everything disappears only to reappear. It is the same in living nature – all living things die in order for life to continue. Mendeleev once said that – ” If in one place it decreases, then in another place it will arrive.” If you turn to the past, then there will be infinity, if you turn to the future, then there will also be infinity. We all exist in an endless cycle of matter, energy, and information. Everything is reasonable because the world itself is reasonable. I don't use terms like “universe” or “metaverse” because they only describe a tiny, microscopic part of the world we live in. And the main law of the universe is – ” nothing is meaningless, nothing is purposeless.” After all, everything in the world has its own meaning, has its own purpose, its own purpose…

  11. If this is a question about fear of death, then don't worry.The people of the future will bring us all to life.It will look as if you fell asleep and woke up.Your consciousness will remain with you.

  12. Is death interesting? Do you want to try it out by touch? But this opportunity is given to you every day. Or rather, every night, and preferably when without dreams.

    So in the evening you went to bed. As usual, all sorts of thoughts, delusional or urgent, come to mind. At this moment, you are truly alive, life is boiling inside you, it is bursting with life.

    And suddenly you wake up. You wake up, having just lain without thinking for hours. You were alive, of course, but at the same time you didn't exist. You didn't remember anything, you didn't think about anything. Just like a dead man.

    You woke up as if nothing had happened. And it seems to be a great success that you are back in the ranks. After all, it was possible not to wake up… Do you remember the exact moment when you fell asleep? Of course not, even if they tried.�

    This is how it is always unexpected and serene – death.

  13. Neither can be imagined, at least from the point of view of biology. Consciousness from a scientific point of view is a set of biological and physical processes in the human brain, as soon as brain death occurs, all the above processes cease to occur in it. Accordingly, consciousness ceases to exist.

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