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  1. Absorb as much information as possible: conversations, articles, blogs, literature, science, music, whatever. And in any case, your opinion will exist on any occasion.

    True, this will not add much to the brain, but it will make an encyclopedia out of a person.

  2. Read a lot, travel, try yourself in some new areas of activity, in general, as we said above, diligently absorb information.

    However, it seems to me that you will not be able to discuss absolutely any topic. You need to spend a huge amount of time to have at least a superficial knowledge right in each area. In addition, it is desirable not only to have an understanding, but also experience, there are some things in which only theory is not enough, practice is needed. And in principle, as much as I would not like to, it is impossible to know everything. It is impossible to remember everything, everything, everything, and even if you study Wikipedia every day for each section, not everything will be stored in your head.

  3. To discuss any topic, you need to develop yourself, know a lot, in other words. Then you will be up to speed in any discussion. So this is quite possible if desired.

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