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  1. You just need to realize the fallacy of your belief that this person is “in your life”.

    He is in “his” life.�

    And you can let him in or out of your apartment, for example.

    The habit of viewing “your life” as a kind of” pen ” in which you gather the people you need, or as a kind of shed in which you store the property you need, just leads to mental problems like the one you described.�

    The metaphor of your own life as a road – long, beautiful, interesting – on which you will periodically meet different people is much better for you. Some of them will even be with you for a while on the way, which you should be happy to use )

  2. And how did you learn to keep them in your life? The question is not idle, but practical. Once upon a time, you didn't know how to do anything. Then they learned to understand, walk, speak, and so on.�

    In order to keep a person in your life, you need to be able to do it. You do something – for example, you think about this person. You may be remembering something that was important to you in your relationship. Perhaps you are remembering grievances…

    There is one very simple way to get rid of this addiction – start remembering everything that you did not like about this person, everything that annoyed you about him, even those little things that you tried not to pay attention to. Hyperbolize them! And notice how the importance of this person to you begins to decrease as you do so.

    Keep doing this until the person's memories are just memories.

    There are, of course, difficult situations. And if this is your case, then make an appointment with me for a consultation, and we will solve this problem with you.

    Good luck to you!

  3. Oh! I recently found out the recipe for myself!

    If you don't want to let go of someone or this person doesn't go out of your head, you need to take a closer look, think and understand how this person treats you. How he feels about you.

    And if this other person is indifferent, he doesn't care, or even worse, he treats with disdain – he immediately lets go and wants to think about something else and do something interesting, instead of disembodied fantasies.

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