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  1. As someone who often writes poetry on the go, I can say that to create a good rhyme, you need to generate a lot of good ones in as little time as possible. If, keeping in mind the idea of writing a text about love, nothing but “love is a carrot” and “your eyes are like pineapples – I want to give you classes” does not come up in a minute, then you need to practice already. I consider reading texts of professional poets, poetesses, and rappers with good rhyming skills, which, of course, are more often performed in English, to be a good warm-up. Having had enough of correctly chosen words, rhymes then directly climb into my head for a while. It is important to simply keep this state in your head for as long as possible – this is how you train your brain to choose words. Naturally, it is important to have a good vocabulary.
    Bottom line: in order to improve your rhyming skill, you need to:
    1. Analyze professional rhymes
    2. Try, try and try again to write drafts, which can then be edited without remorse.
    3. Catch inspiration not from boredom, but from reading and listening to authors.

    P.S. Personally, it's easier for me to compose rhymes when I'm walking in the fresh air or doing sports. I think that physical activity will increase your productivity in your studies.

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    It all comes with experience. At first, you just ride on the bus, write random words in raimbuk and throw rhymes on them, you can even naitupeyshii, but rhymes.At some point (if you have a good vocabulary, of course), everything will start to play with different colors. You can not just throw one rhyme on one word, but also double rhyme. Perfect example(not mine, but Oxy's): Forgive ME, but the doctors won't PATCH you up, don't f * * k tear up my letters, the crowd is running out of the TAYA HALL (Track: Last Call).


    You need to watch, read and listen to a lot of things related to battle rap. By the way, Fresh Blood C4 is coming out soon on the Versus channel. It will be hot and you will be able to emphasize a lot for yourself.All this will be done so that you do not have square rhymes, a la: “I bought juice, turned out to be a sock.”


    Read classics, especially poetry. Read aloud, expressively, loudly.

    I hope. I wrote all this for a reason and it will really help you in the near future.

    P.S of course, double rhymes, fast flow(quick read)-these are all very good skills for a rapper, but personally I have my favorite technique, I call it “wordplay”. A perfect example: “I found a brother by reason, and you found sisters by stupidity” (track: Schokk.feat Oxxxy. “Sometimes thick, sometimes empty”).

  3. Well, first of all, you need a large vocabulary. Secondly, it is desirable to have at least some abilities for this, in order to avoid rhymes on the topic of stick-jackdaw. I'll also give you some advice that many people will laugh at.: watch rap battles. There you can learn a lot of interesting things on this topic.

    P. I'm not a rapper.

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