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  1. Hah, you know, the biggest mistake in a person's life is when they think, ” Well, everyone's freaks, I won't trust anyone and then there will never be any pain again.”
    What nonsense! to deceive us, hurt us, offend us, or betray us , we don't need any fucking trust.

    and so they will cope)
    Trust is a thing that only we are hindered by the lack of it. but not to someone who wants to offend us. because if you haven't somehow thought out your response actions “just in case” – the case will happen. with or without your participation, it will happen.

    So �- don't try to deceive yourself. trust is better.

    not because la-la-la is so right, but because it's easier.

    But � – Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    This will help you.

    And the lack of trust has not made anyone happy yet.

  2. First, you need to read a couple of books on psychology and neurophysiology and understand where this comes from in order to understand people's behavioral motives. Chris Frith's” Brain and Soul ” is a great start. In your question, the word “no one” indicates a maximalist approach to the problem, which is not a good thing. Any extreme leads to exactly the same frustration, so based on my own experience, I advise you to take up meditation. This exercise will help you find a middle ground in the issues that concern you. All the best

  3. What do you want to do about it? You have been betrayed, if so, you need to see what's wrong with trusting yourself inside. Trust, but verify. Remember to betray those who have betrayed themselves.

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