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  1. Pratchett wrote that children should believe in Santa Claus in order to learn to believe, to believe in small lies, so that when they grow up, they will be able to believe in big ones – in goodness, in justice, in meaning.

    In the question, completely different “faiths”are mixed. Self-confidence is self-confidence. Faith in humanity is the hope for a brighter future. Faith in God is a completely separate conversation. Belief in goodness can mean a lot of things – from believing in the existence of absolute goodness to believing in the existence of good people-and in each case the conversation will be different.

    Self-confidence is gained. Psychotherapy can help, some medications can help, self-improvement and success in life can help. You can start with small things, succeed in them, and move on to bigger things.

    In acquiring faith in humanity, methods of cognitive therapy can work, when some way of thinking is simply memorized to automatism.

    Faith in God appears when God solves some problems in human life. Answers questions that others couldn't answer. Questions can be very different, ranging from the foundations of mathematics to the foundations of ethics. God is the foundation for the picture of the world, not the worst. To find a place for him, you need to start building this very picture and find that without him it is incomplete, gaping holes. (Yes, I am an atheist)

    It is difficult to talk about faith in good without specifics, but in the simplest version, disbelief in good is associated with a lack of understanding of how to live and act, I would call this not cynicism, but confusion. And this is the same place, in the picture of the world.

  2. Faith is not the result of a strong-willed decision, as for some reason many believe. This is the result of a deeply personal experience, which, unlike an experiment, cannot be repeated, but which leaves, to put it mildly, completely unforgettable impressions, and in fact can completely change you, your beliefs and your life. Some try to artificially induce such an experience (in some cultures there are special rituals for this), but, for example, theistic religions (this is where faith in God is) are just skeptical of such attempts: in their opinion, you can cause some demons, but not survive the encounter with God. At the same time, however, the very possibility of such an experience is determined by your attitudes and, above all, by what you consider your highest value and the ultimate goal of your life. If it is, for example, the government, then it is much more difficult to count on overcoming cynicism.

  3. And why?)�

    If you really want to believe in something, then try to find as many examples as possible: good deeds, inexplicable miracles (which are attributed to the divine) – look for something that will touch you.

  4. Start believing in yourself – do what you can do every day. After a while, you will do something that seems impossible today.

    In God – Why? There is no God

    in good – help people and animals.

    in humanity, leave humanity alone and take up the space that surrounds you. Make it beautiful.

    if you are a complete cynic and skeptic – very useful qualities, cultivate them.

  5. Why do you need to believe in God? Believe in yourself, one horseradish will have to die, and then look-whether you lived correctly, everything is fine. Do you really think that so many people live more honestly and righteously than you?

  6. With values and skepticism. It is more valuable to evaluate your actions and be more skeptical about the” evidence ” of hasty and superficial conclusions. In addition, the one who creates it believes in good. You can't help but know what you're doing yourself.

  7. Your atheistic faith is strong, but it does not bring joy and happiness. The atheistic State of the USSR without God collapsed and disappeared, or rather, God destroyed it, because no civilization can exist without the HELP of God. Therefore, seeing all the deplorable results, we must mentally admit: Yes, the Lord is great if He coped with a huge pagan country! Atheists shot priests, imprisoned believers, burned churches, trampled icons? Where are they? Their descendants are cursed to the 4th generation. All the troubles and sufferings fell on their heads after the collapse of the country. Faith in God began to revive in 1991. Those who have fallen into the flow of God's movement are now living happily and happily, and those who continue to be atheists are rushing against God, picking up curses and troubles on their heads. Hence the conclusion: say again:

    The Lord is great! Forgive me for my disbelief! Come into my life, become my Lord and Savior! I know that Jesus suffered for the sins of the whole world, and therefore for mine! Thank you very much! Change my mind. I renounce wrong thoughts and views and ask you to help me know you, Lord. I pray in the name of Jesus, amen.

  8. First of all, understand that cynicism is often a thin cardboard box, under which they hide banal self-doubt. Uncertainty about life and people.

    A common position is “I find all your social dances with tambourines ridiculous, stupid and unnecessary.” And the cynic who claims this is sitting alone at home and suffers from the fact that he has no one to talk to.�

    This attitude is born in childhood: my mother does not give me as much attention as I need, I will pretend that I do not need it in revenge for her, so that I also feel lonely like I do. This model is fixed and used unconsciously in the future with everyone creating an internal conflict.

    “I want their attention, I want to communicate with them, but I will pretend even more strongly that I don't need all this. That is, being a cynic… I don't even remember what purpose it was for.” �

    Therefore, I think that in order to “believe” in something, you need to admit to yourself your fears and desires. At least in those that are more or less on the surface, and then dig deeper.

    And as the “saving” cynicism begins to recede, the “blocked” belief in something will also begin to appear.

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