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  1. This is a difficult question, if only because to solve this issue, you need to show maximum honesty to yourself.

    “Betrayal” is when someone did something that you didn't expect (from that person) and that disrupted or destroyed your interests and results.

    Hence the following questions:

    1. Why did you expect that this person would only do what you think is best for you?
    2. What did you not notice in this person, or did not want to see, that later provoked such consequences?
    3. Where did you show insufficient attention in the contractual process (officially or by default)? In personal relationships, “contractual” moments are also always present. Only they are considered “by default” and are not discussed. Sometimes it is necessary.
    4. What actions did you personally commit or not commit that led to the betrayal?
    5. What conclusions did you draw for yourself (emotions don't count) in order to avoid such situations in the future?
    6. You “burn” inside, because you still consider these people your friends and consider what happened unfair. This is nonsense. Deeds speak about a person. As for” unfairness ” – it does not exist and you need to evaluate people honestly. Not to hope. You also think that they did something “bad” in your direction. Nothing like that. They simply did what they wanted or allowed themselves to do. And you let them do it in your direction. Due to their inattention or unwillingness to see real people. hoping for some” laws ” of friendship. If you accept that people can be different and they are always right (for themselves), and all the unpleasant things that have been done to you are just your inattention, then you will quickly forget such things. Increasing your experience.
      You try to forgive them. Not necessary. To forgive is to allow others to do the same to you in the future. You need to understand them. To understand is to prevent them from doing this to you in the future. By understanding and accepting the reasons for their actions, you begin to better understand yourself and others. And less and less you get into unpleasant situations.

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