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  1. Once upon a time, I was hiding behind the identity of the guy I invented, and, of course, everyone thought that they were communicating with a guy. After I finally decided on my gender, I very quickly somehow learned to “feel” the gender of a person on the other side.�

    first, when a person lies to you, getting them to send you a picture is akin to some kind of torture. record a voice message even more so. BUT, it happens that your interlocutor is just very shy, this should also be taken into account.�

    secondly, the manner of speech. somehow, girls are more confused in terms of all sorts of metaphors, various comparisons, react to problems somehow more sensitively, or something. In general, I think you know what I mean.�

    I didn't think of anything else clever. rely on your gut, it won't let you down!!!!!!

  2. If you correctly approach the question and do not” mess up ” by accident, then there is no way. Even if the interlocutor asks to call, the problem is solved either by programmatically changing the voice (there are such applications), or, in a simple way, make a call in a whisper, referring to the fact that you can not speak loudly. With a little artistry, after a short practice, speaking with the intonation of the opposite sex is not a problem.

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