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  1. When you have insomnia, everything seems unreal. All these are copies, copies, copies in the Microsoft galaxy. I couldn't sleep. I haven't been able to sleep for three days now. I went to a psychologist and told him about it. He said I should exercise, I should get tired.

  2. Insomnia itself is not very dangerous if you do not sleep there for two or three days. What is dangerous is what caused you to stay awake. Feelings,nerves. It can be depression, feelings,a midlife crisis, some imposed fears or thoughts, maybe even some kind of manipulation. Of course, your activity decreases. If you still do not feel on a wild platoon, but always want to sleep, then accuracy and care also go to the bottom. This leads to the inability to do important things, to lead a confident personal life in society.(well, you will frighten people very much, and this is not very much)

    It is best to get rid of insomnia by first getting rid of the cause, or simplify this problem so much that it does not interfere with sleep. In many cases, the person himself still can not help himself. He can't control the thoughts in his head. Rather, they control it and this is again not good.

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