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  1. In fact, Maslow did not consider the hierarchy of needs to be fixed, much less universal for everyone. This “pyramid” is not found anywhere in his works. And the idea of hierarchical needs also does not belong to Maslow, but occurs earlier.

  2. Despite the fact that the authorship of the pyramid is officially attributed to Abraham Maslow, he is not related to the version of the pyramid that we have today. The fact is that in the form of a graph, the “Hierarchy of needs” appeared in 1975 in the textbook of a certain U. Stopp, whose identity is almost unknown, and Maslow died in 1970, and in his works, as already mentioned, there was not a single schedule. It was rather a marketing ploy or a teacher's move to systematize a certain theory, of course, having nothing in common with A. Maslow.

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