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  1. This is another myth of the Internet age…

    The generally accepted интеллек and most frequently used measurement of intelligence in texts on a 180-point scale ( and the number 200 is not like anything else, in other tests the scale is much more compact) was proposed by Eysenck in 1971. That year, he published it in the journal Race, Intelligence and Education. At that time, the great Genius was no longer alive (Einshetty left the world in 1955).

    So the number 200 was assigned to him post-factum to emphasize his genius. This number meets all the criteria of a good myth – it is quite plausible (an ordinary contemporary has an intelligence of 90-130, and an outstanding one has 130+ and up to 180 theoretically possible. It is no longer possible for one simple reason that the scale itself does not have the ability to measure this), but it is a bit shocking. It is this information that, according to the works of M. Boyer, is best remembered and transmitted through the technology of “rumors”

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