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  1. A long time ago, a little more than 13 billion years ago, in the very young Universe, about 400,000 years after the birth of cooling (because of the expansion of space) the early universe is made up of temperatures (slightly more than thousands of degrees), which made possible the process of capture of negatively charged electrons protons massive, involving electrons “orbiting” the movement (for quantum orbitals) �in the electrostatic field of the positively charged proton. This was the epoch of the formation of the first neutral hydrogen atoms in the universe.

  2. If we are talking about the time line of our local universe, then at first there was impenetrable light, in which particles gradually condensed, over time it became more or less normal plasma, that is, fire, it gradually cooled down, and after reaching a temperature of about 3000° from absolute zero, which happened after about 379 thousand years of conventional time, electrons began to massively stabilize in orbits around protons and alpha particles – and so the hydrogen and helium atoms began to appear (as well as quite a bit of heavy hydrogen, light helium, lithium and beryllium), and at the same time a transparent space appeared between them, as light was no longer absorbed, but flew through matter – that is, space as such appeared. So Democritus was right when he suggested that atoms and emptiness appeared simultaneously. The color corresponding to three thousand degrees is orange, so the first photo of our universe in the restored color is as follows::

    This is indeed a photo, albeit a processed one.

    Millions of years passed, and the primordial gas cooled enough to gather into stars and galaxies under its own weight and ignite – then the world was lit up with a new light: no longer the light of Creation, but the light of stars and quasars. And as a result of the burning of stars, light atoms turn out to be heavier and heavier-and when the big star burns out, it bursts, and the resulting atoms scatter across outer space, mixing with clouds of primordial matter, from which new stars and planets are born again and again, as well as all of us.

  3. Obviously, everything needs a reason, or in other words, a beginning. Just as obviously, before “the very first beginning”, there was – nothing. And now a question for the materialists: ACCORDING TO WHAT PHYSICAL LAWS, IN ABSOLUTE EMPTINESS – CAN A PARTICLE OR WAVE ARISE??)))

    Is it possible to arise and exist – energy or matter-out of absolute nothing-without a perceiving consciousness?

  4. Everything is right. Before the formation of hydrogen atoms, the universe was

    it is filled with an em plasma that is opaque to photons of light. The formation of neutral hydrogen atoms made the universe transparent and determined the appearance of relic radiation,

    which we are now observing, with the help of radio telescopes.

  5. Even if matter is evenly distributed, then given the infinity of space, somewhere the density of matter will be greater than in the environment. This will cause matter to move. Vortices will appear around the flow and begin to attract each other, becoming more dense and swirling more strongly. The result is a star consisting of paired vortices swirling in different directions. Then the star explodes, breaking up into open vortices-protons and closed vortices-neutrons. Protons capture small vortices (electrons) form a common vortex and an atom is obtained, which in order to exist must be joined to the same one..

  6. Only from compression, only during condensation! The temperature rose and a substance was formed! Other answers are incorrect! You need to think with your head, not with a wishlist!

  7. The answer is very simple, where 140 characters to get that would be printed, the atom is such a thing that has always been, and before the explosion and after and during and will continue to be, and all because matter is eternal and space can not go anywhere.

    1. How does an electron create an electric field around itself?

    and how does a proton create an electric field around itself?

    1. What is the difference between these processes?

    2. Why do these processes cause the electron to move towards the proton?

    3. What, exactly, pushes the electron in the direction of the proton and how does the physical model of this movement look in detail?

  8. This is a question for those who created all this. All this is nothing more than someone's fantasies and hypotheses. If people can't find out, and will never find out, how and by whom the universe was created, that's what you want. This information is not available to people.

  9. The best answer to this question( in my subjective opinion) has already been given in his book Astrodynamics by the Russian scientist G. S. Gurevich.I hope that no one will dispute the existence of elementary particles that make up systems such as atoms. Due to our limited knowledge, we accept the existence of these particles from TIME IMMEMORIAL, as M. V. Lomonosov said. According to the model of the formation (or,if you prefer,transformation)of electrons into protons and neutrons and their concentration in the centers of equidistance under the influence of radiation from stars, Galaxies, and Supergalactics ,atoms are formed in these centers of equidistance. First, hydrogen atoms, then helium, etc., as the concentration of matter increases in the center of equidistance. Gurevich explains the formation of neutrons and protons from electrons by the same process As the concentration and density of electrons in the center of equidistance increases ,the natural frequency of the electrons located there increases and ,accordingly, their energy (M. Planck.E=hy =mc2) Thus, under the influence of ever-increasing pressure, atoms are formed. Well, then all in a circle-a gas and dust cloud-a celestial body (planet) – a star – the death of a star(explosion) and all over again. Gurevich's is better than my retelling.

  10. first you need to apply logic.what is the basis of everything ? we take the absence of everything (not being) it is associated with presence(being)it is not discontinuously a dual pair .well, then the collapse and foundation of the structure(in the absence of time, almost instantly).in general, the first scheme (Word).then all the other atoms, and so on.

  11. The first atom was born at that time. when the Holy Spirit found the spirit of darkness and began to squeeze it. the same effect is observed in the work on so-called black holes, which are not holes at all. This darkness is being compressed. Then it will turn into a light one. and then either to the galaxy or to the planetary system. because we are all in a huge computer. And what we call matter is actually compressed information.

  12. What if everything was somehow as if nothing had happened, but in the beginning, for some reason, a magnetic field was formed. No one knows its structure. We know about its properties in its manifestation and use it. But we can't say whether it is homogeneous or has some subspecies. But we already know that the magnetic field can have different strengths in its volume.

    And if the strength of the magnetic field, is it some kind of compaction? And if the magnetic field can be compacted, to what extent?

    Neutrino fluxes permeate our world. It is considered to be a particle that has no rest mass, and therefore exists only in motion. It remains to be questioned whether it (or it?) is a particle. And can't neutrinos be the product of a compaction of the magnetic field, like condensation in water vapor?

    From this point of view, I want to suggest the version that the neutrino, as a constant particle, does not exist. But it exists in the form of its manifestation. And this “manifestation” of it is the manifestation of the beginning of solid matter.

    Moreover, this “solid” neutrino is constantly “evaporated” by some kind of magnetic evaporation on the one hand, and “freezes” its shape from the counter magnetic field, on the other.

    That is, the neutrino itself, as a particle, does not exist and does not fly anywhere. There is a form of this particle that flies at a speed comparable to the speed of light. All this happens due to the inversion of the state of the magnetic field forms.

    Under this assumption, two states of the magnetic field can be traced,”solid” and “gaseous”. The “liquid” state is not enough. The matter of this “liquid” state can be homogeneous with the matter of an electron, but it is very difficult to “see” it.

    Then it turns out like this. A solid neutrino “melts” into an electronic phase, which then “evaporates” into a state of magnetic field, which constantly “freezes” the shape of the neutrino. At the same time, a certain direction is observed, where the neutrino flies at the speed of light, penetrating any physical body in its path. And the only thing that can stop it is another neutrino coming at it.

    When they meet, the neutrinos begin to rotate around each other. This is due to their transfer of their “evaporation” to a friend, with which she “freezes” the mold, giving her “evaporation” to the first friend to maintain its shape, each, at the same time, slightly “melting”.

    As a result, a particle is formed that no longer flies anywhere, but rotates in place. And it already has a pronounced electronic phase. Such a particle can be called magnetic dust, which, due to the joint use of an external magnetic field, can combine with its own kind and form atoms.

    In this scenario, it turns out that already in the atom, the proton constantly “melts”, forming an electron, which “evaporates” into a magnetic field, which settles on the proton like “frost” and restores its shape.

    The process goes round in circles. Therefore, it seems that the electron rotates around the nucleus. And if this electron is “energized” by an external magnetic field, it will become “free” due to this field, and the proton, due to the same external field, will recover and “give birth” to a new electron.

    Then these” free “electrons will” burst like bubbles ” on the surface of the conductor, creating a new magnetic field. Which will create new free electrons in the depth of the conductor. And if there is an EMF, then all this magnetic-electronic mixture will turn into an electric current.

  13. It's not like that. From an infinitesimal point (that is, in fact, from nothing), division by zero occurred and space unfolded to infinity, in connection with this, a surge of waves occurred, which is the essence of matter (an atom, an electron is a train of waves). Diffraction of waves at a point that unfolded in all directions (and explosions are not distributed in all directions, an erroneous hypothesis is confirmed by the example of the explosion of observed celestial bodies). Perelman proved that the universe has a rounded shape, which is by no means the shape of all the observed explosions in the universe. The appearance (expansion) of space gave birth in stages: atoms, then plasma, then stars, planets, galaxies, etc. and not temperature. Temperature is a characteristic of the mobility of molecules. The atom will not form until the electron enters its possible orbit, and for this it is necessary to expand (give) space. Everything that exists is a consequence of the expansion of space. The expansion is faster than the speed of a wave (light). The light of the wave does not keep up with the expansion of space, because it is already in infinity.

  14. As a result of the local resonance of fluctuations in the primary unified field consisting of “pure” energy, and the violation of supersymmetry, cosmological inflation, the Big Bang, and the Hubble expansion of the Universe consistently began to occur (figuratively, as I have already posted earlier, figuratively, the process resembles a rubber bulb-a douche bag for enemas!!!), here, we must take into account that in a strictly scientific framework (I am a monotheist believer!!!), the role of “designer” was assigned, the following popered farther, the space – time continuum of the media which have started to happen IRREVERSIBLE CONDENSATION of primary energy in the particles of matter with the establishment, and strictly according to the Law of conservation and entropy (globally expressed in the decrease of the temperature from the initial Planck values 10 x 32 up To 2,725 To see today!!!), so, all particles of the universe appeared in the first 200 from BV during the initial cosmological nucleosynthesis, but because the temperature of the proto-universe was still quite extreme, corresponding to the aggregate state of the plasma, then the first real hydrogen atoms (then helium in an approximate ratio of 75/25% or 3: 1!!!) was formed only after about 379,000 years after BW, when the temperature dropped to 4000 – 3000 K and was made possible recombination of protons and electrons, because due to the expansion of space decreasing the energy density (temperature), could not interfere with this process, which perfectly proved the observed electromagnetic, isotropic cosmic microwave background radiation (MCFI, synonym RI – CMB!!!).

  15. The atom arose from the Absolute..The Absolute lived billions of years ago and studied its universe..Recently, scientists have discovered areas of Space that are completely empty..There is nothing beyond matter..Maybe that's where the mysterious Absolute lives ? But I'm sure my version isn't accurate enough …Remember Engineer Vogulov, from the Soviet science fiction of the 30s ? ..

  16. In the first three minutes of the universe's existence, hydrogen – the simplest and lightest atom-was formed. Following it, helium atoms formed. The rest of the atoms were formed by combining them at an incredible temperature and enormous pressure inside the stars.

  17. The Earth, according to the official theory, has existed for more than 4 billion years. This figure was taken from the age of the most ancient rocks of the Earth's crust. How many billions of years this rock was formed, scientists are silent. Or was it, according to their theory, instantaneous?

    And the substance from which, according to their theory, the Earth and the Sun and the entire Solar System were formed was formed from the explosions of a star that also existed for many (at least a couple of) billion years. What were those Stars made of?… And how many billions did all this happen?

    Something does not grow together in these vuchenkh chronology. Probably Fomenko and Nosovsky are to blame!

  18. If you understand the theory of the unity of Heaven, Earth and Man, the theory of the mutual correspondence of Heaven and Man, you will be able to see the truth inherent in this. Lao Tzu: “There is an essence, the chaos of the original creation is born and incarnated, the sky precedes, the earth gives life, in serenity and peace it exists freely and does not change, it moves throughout the universe and there is no danger. And you can call it the generative power of the entire heavenly descent. However, I do not know his name, but I will use the hieroglyph—tao-path.” “The sage knows intuitively, without trusting the senses. My ego and all the manifestations of the universe are identical.” Zhang Dai. With respect.

  19. The universe exists forever! It consists of various elementary particles, in particular – protons and electrons. If an electron and proton collide, a photon can be emitted, which carries away energy. Thus, the energy of this pair decreases and the electron falls into a potential Coulomb well formed by the electrostatic field of the proton. This is how a hydrogen atom is formed. If we assume that the universe once appeared, then we need to find out what happened BEFORE that. So far, no one has given a clear answer to this question.

  20. Some illusionists show a trick. Take an empty top hat or hat and take out a white rabbit. How is this possible? Does this not contradict the law of conservation of energy? There was nothing in the universe and suddenly the first atom appeared. How's that? There was a zero and from it came a one.The whole trick is that zero can be decomposed into two units. Plus one and minus one. With the appearance of the first matter and atom, the first antimatter also appeared. The number of pros strictly corresponds to the number of cons. And the total potential of the universe is zero.

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