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  1. Soviet people are completely different people. These are people of different generations. Let's say the Soviet people of the era of the beginning of the Soviet state-this is one thing. The sunset eras are something else entirely. In the 1920s and 1930s, people had a strong spirit of enthusiasm, which was massively reinforced by Soviet propaganda. People were ready to work and build cities for the benefit of the Motherland and future generations. Many people sincerely believed that another time would soon come, you just need to make an effort to do it. These people built factories and cities, where many of the inhabitants of our country still live. But gradually the fervor began to fade, the Soviet people survived a terrible war, restored the economy, and by the 70s, people began to live more or less well. This in many ways broke the Soviet system, which was originally laid down precisely for heroism and achievements. In the 70s and 80s, people no longer wanted to build a bright future, propaganda ceased to play its role, no one believed in it anymore. Having tasted the fruits of a civilized society, people realized that all they wanted was to live normally, to be comfortable, to be able to buy a lot of good things, to have a variety and generally the standard of living was the same as in the West, because by that time, most people understood that in the West people live better. We can say that for half a century of building communism, the Soviet people are tired. I'm tired of constantly catching up, tired of making great achievements and deeds, just tired of such a pace. And so there is no longer the USSR and the idea of building communism. Therefore, the Soviet man of the 20s-30s was primarily distinguished by hard work, the ability to work overtime and give results, and faith in his just cause. This was its uniqueness. And the Soviet generation of the 70s and 80s is not much different from the modern one. These are already ordinary people, in whom each of us can fully recognize ourselves

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