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  1. I think a more traditional name for the same crap is “Jungian synchronism”, – Jung is older than those Germans will be) Well, or, more precisely, “phenomenon” – a variant of the rational explanation of Jungian synchronism.

    As a teenager, I read a book about the Impressionists, and then in a short period of time on the radio, in the newspaper, and on TV about them. Not the date, but a match.

  2. I moved to another city and went to university. Many of my new friends listen to Oxxymiron. I found out about him. it turned out to be a fairly well-known performer, but I didn't know. But now I constantly come across some of his audio recordings. news about it.

  3. Yes, but under different circumstances. When you quit smoking, you notice that everyone in the whole circle smokes, and for some reason, you noticed that there are a lot of young mothers with infants on the street and certain brands of cars are more than you usually meet on the roads.

  4. Once my boyfriend wrote me the word “idiosyncrasy” in a text message, it seemed so ridiculous to me that I thought T9 was messing around. And then kaaaak fell from every article that I read and the program that I watched.

  5. Oddly enough, just today the film “Baader-Meinhof Complex” was mentioned in the conversation, and yesterday I just remembered about this phenomenon. Today, it turns out, I meet you for the third time.

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