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  1. I don't know how you can forget a part of your life yourself. There is, of course, a way with amnesia… but this is the only way.

    So no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten, part of life after all. Actually, I managed to think less about it. Just doing more important things. When you are busy with something, all the attention is directed in a different direction. And when you find a replacement, you don't think at all.

  2. You'd have to be a fool to deliberately forget about a person who brought a huge amount of pleasant emotions. Then ask yourself the question “Why did I live this at all?”. Not only have I not forgotten the man I loved madly, but I continue to love him, despite the fact that this love is unrequited. That's why she's crazy.

  3. It wasn't easy, I'd been dreaming about him for five years… But I met another person, more sincere, close to me in spirit, who loved me with all his heart, and also bright and talented… We felt one and the same, created a family, and gave birth to a son. But I still remember my first crazy love, without sadness or regret. I wouldn't mind meeting him and talking about the feelings I had.

  4. No wonder they say that time always heals! Over time, you meet a new person and realize that it's good that nothing happened with the previous one, since this is your soulmate!

  5. I haven't forgotten. For me, don't forget that. The memory of love is worth a lot, even if this feeling has passed. You can not hope that it will return or continue, and remember. Not that it's a simple matter. But in my opinion, this is much better than forgetting,or pretending to forget. If it hurts – this is a clear story, and it's good if there is someone nearby at this time who will support (close, or a pro, it doesn't really matter). To live with an open heart, remembering that it was (and may be again) painful – a good story, for my taste. Honest.

  6. If you forget is to cross out the negative, then it's not difficult. Imagine that this is the body of another porn actress. Laying in the trash can. Why go after her when you can have a new one?

    And the old one is so unimportant. In the blood. Giving up on love is a simple betrayal. Divorce. If you love, it's a privilege. Surprisingly free. And to get rid of your altruism, it is important to understand that you are better. Put yourself higher. Be smarter than your lover. Demand more for your insanity.

    The higher the price tag, the less you think about shit. As soon as you prune this overgrown vine of grapes of feelings and emotions, you will see what a blind man you were. And you won't want to go back to your ex again. If you forget,you'll find it an unforgivable mistake that you can't commit again.

    Love itself does not end, it is only silenced and left to die. And then beautiful moments flatter, greedily whisper, what kind of sympathy was sweet, necessary. But it's a lie, trampling you into an imaginary life — not your life. Carve out this rotten hive of memories and hopes, plans and dreams, and finally understand how good you are on your own or with a new toy. With a new game – with a new love.

  7. Forgetting is, of course, an incorrect statement of the question, since no one can create amnesia by sheer force of will, and hitting yourself over the head with a brick is somehow impractical. And to stop spoiling your blood with destructive experiences is quite a lifting task.

    Common sense is a nice healing thing. The lack of reciprocity itself is sobering, if you remember healthy attitudes. There was a time when it seemed to me that I had met my man, I imagined a spiritual kinship, a one-wave setup and an excellent tandem. But figs I guessed, and it was a lovely whim.�

    What's there to hold on to? Loving when you are not loved is like answering when you are not asked. A person is better off without you than with you, this is clearly not your person, not your story. You can't beg for this same reciprocity, you can't win at lotto, you can't bluff it, you can't beat it, and you can't win it back. No, no, not fate. You accept this bitter reality and move on with your life. And then he lets you go.

  8. No way, I still love you, even though I understand that it's pointless, unrequited,and I'll never get anything back. Well, I can't just fall out of love at the touch of some magic button of a person who gave me more wonderful moments and emotions in life than all the other people I know put together.

  9. This will never be forgotten, alas. It was only one step from love to hate, and the love was insane. Do I need to talk about how much I hate this person now ?:)

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